'Baby Shusher' Device Shushes Crying Babies To Sleep With Sound [Video]

Paula Mooney

There are plenty of new devices on the market that use technology to make the lives of new parents better. One such device making the rounds is called the Baby Shusher, one that the Daily Mail says can be programmed to make the intermittent shushing sounds. The videos below show the Baby Shusher in action, which lasts for 15 to 30 minutes -- hopefully sending crying babies off into blissful sleep during that time period.

It certainly works in the video called Baby Maddox, whose YouTube description claims he hates being in his car seat. As shown in the video, the crying baby stops crying once the Baby Shusher is placed near him, and once it is adjusted so that the shushing sound grows louder. Instead of crying, he seems intrigued and calmed by the sound.

"This is a small video of baby Madison who hates being in the car seat. The Baby Shusher helps to calm fussy babies when all of their other needs have been met."

Indeed, there are plenty of YouTube videos about the Baby Shusher, with moms raving about the device that mimics the sounds babies would've found in the womb -- a sound that typically calms them. While some parents say the loudest sound setting is too loud, they still love the lower settings that help give them a break from trying to create the whole shushing sounds out of their own mouths.

There's also an app for the Baby Shusher that costs $4.99 as of this writing, and has an average amount of good reviews. The product itself on Amazon has an even higher amount of reviews, with more than 300 customer reviews holding at 4.3 out of 5 stars right now, which is quite a good showing.

As seen in the next video, it appears it can take the Baby Shusher a bit of time to kick in and start working to calm some fussy infants, like the 30 seconds or so that it took the below baby to calm down and stop crying. Either way, parents of colicky babies would no doubt not mind trying anything that might help them get a break from all the noise.

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[Image via Baby Shusher]