Johnny Manziel A ‘Different Person’ Says Browns Coach Mike Pettine, Trade Rumors Persist

Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine believes we’ll see a “different” Johnny Manziel this upcoming season. Pettine reportedly noticed a major difference in the young quarterback, who recently apologized to the team and fans or his past performance.

“This is the one comment that I’ll share that Johnny [Manziel] made, because he’ll be the first one to say it, ‘Don’t judge me on my words, judge me on my actions.'”

In the past, his words did not seem to match up with his actions. Last year, Johnny Manziel caught flack for spending a good portion of the off-season partying, including a heavily criticized trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Manziel insisted that he could both enjoy himself and study, but his actions didn’t back up his words.

After a disastrous debut for the Cleveland Browns and troublesome antics off the field, Johnny saw his promising NFL career slipping away. He was left with virtually no other alternative for repairing his reputation and getting back onto the field except a trip to rehab.

One must give Johnny Manziel credit for taking things seriously. He was gone for months, so long that rumors continue to persist that the Cleveland Browns are prepared to move on. Risking another reason after watching their post-season hopes dashed is allegedly too much for the franchise. Regardless of the truth of this, it appears that Manziel has some work to do to rebuild trust.

Browns coach Mike Pettine admitted to his share of skepticism when it came to Manziel.

“Even I’ve been critical of him where the actions have to match what he’s saying. He’s saying the right thing, but it’s not adding up by what he’s doing, and that’s really been a big part of his message coming out.”

However, he also admitted that reports about the Browns being “90 percent moved on” from Johnny Manziel are highly exaggerated.

“I use that number 90% too about the accuracy of reports that are out there…of being 90% inaccurate. I don’t know where he would’ve gotten that from. He’s very much in our plans, and as we said, his career with us just hit the pause button and we’ve said this before.”

Pettine said he wanted Johnny to get “himself right as a person” before focusing on his place in the team. However, it seems that Manziel is thus far demonstrating actions that reflect his promise of a complete turnaround. Mike isn’t the only person to have noticed. Cleveland Browns corner Joe Haden also said he sees a change in Manziel.

The 2015 draft kicks off at the end of the week, and perhaps all trade rumors will be settled then. Beyond that, fans and skeptics will have to wait for the 2015-16 NFL season to see how committed Johnny Manziel is to putting his best effort into the Cleveland Browns football season.

Do you think Johnny Manziel has changed? Should fans of the Cleveland Browns give him a second chance? Comment below!

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