It’s Raining ‘GTA V’ Mods: Promising ‘GTA’ Mods And How To Install Them

Two weeks into the release of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) and an earlier report by the Inquisitr that the GTA V archive has already been cracked, mods for the game has already been flooding the web.

It has been made clear by Rockstar that pushing back the GTA V release for PC made room for them to lock down the security of the game, but it is now proven that their efforts have been in vain. While the mods for GTA V are still in their infancy, a couple of mods for GTA V have already made their way to a lot of gamers, and developers are expected to unlock more in the coming weeks.

Venture Beat released an article shortly explaining how to install GTA V mods for those just getting started on modding. A video tutorial is also posted on the site. Most of the mods could be downloaded at the GTA forums or the GTA 5 Mods website.

Some of the early mods for GTA V have been very subtle, altering only small nuances in the game like color, saturation, and field of view.

Some of these mods are the color and snow mods, which modify GTA V’s terrain. K-Putt’s SweetFX Config (ReShade) is a small mod that improves the color saturation and contrast of the game. ECB2’s Snow in GTA blankets the whole map with snow, but as of today, the developer announced that the mod is being updated since it was broken with Rockstar’s latest GTA V PC Patch 335.1. These are harmless mods at best, but still enhances the gamer’s GTA V gaming experience.

A more exciting GTA V mod put into the spotlight by Lazy Gamer is Alexander Blade’s Scripthook that was originally published at the GTA forums. The mod tweaks the laws of physics in the GTA world and enables the player to turn into various animals, such as hawk or deer. The mod also made possible teleportation, time and weather modifications, and weapon tweaks in the game. Videos of the mod in play were uploaded by YouTube user AlejandroToresBlade.

Another mod created by LinGon is the GTA V Trainer. The mod features extreme character modifications inside the GTA V game that lets the user, for example, send cars flying several feet into the air. Super-strength setting, infinite health and ammo, and a slow motion effect are only some of the features included in the mod.

There are still more mods crawling around the web for a different and more fun GTA V playing experience. Twinfinite, however, sternly reminds players to refrain from using these mods on GTA Online. Rockstar may be allowing these carefree modifications during personal gameplay, but using cheats in GTA Online is strictly off limits to create a level playing field. Players who are found using cheats while in GTA V’s online multiplayer will be banned from the game since it breaks Rockstar’s End User License Agreement.

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