Luther, The Anger Translator For Obama, Makes An Appearance [Video]

Those familiar with the Comedy Central sketch by Key & Peele have long loved Obama’s anger translator named Luther, played by Keegan Michael Key. Luther was a character that gave President Obama a voice and an outlet for his anger — a guy who unabashedly expressed his anger in a way much less poised than POTUS is used to doing.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the White House Correspondence Dinner brought lots of buzz on Twitter, including First Lady Michelle Obama’s curly hairstyle, along with plenty of tweets about Luther.

#Obama finally meets Luther, his anger translator. @KeeganMKey #WHCD

— Evan Shapiro (@eshap) April 26, 2015

Key once related that when he and his comedic partner Peele met the president, Mr. Obama reportedly told him that he needs Luther in real life. Apparently, President Obama finally decided to make good on that need for the so-called “nerd prom” night. During the dinner full of celebrities and politicos, Luther wore two hands full of rings as he bounded back and forth behind the president and translated any thoughts the leader of the free nation really had.

As seen in uncensored Key & Peele videos of Obama and Luther, the sketch could get pretty raunchy and real. The anger translator was first introduced in a “Meet Luther” video years ago, with Peele starring as President Obama and Key acting as the anger translator, Luther.

The Obama anger translator, as reported by MSNBC, got mixed reviews from the dining crowd. General feedback online calls the use of Luther quite a bold and progressive move by the president.

[Image via Twitter]