WWE 'Extreme Rules' Recap And Results: Who Escaped The Cage As Champ? New Champs Were Crowned

After WrestleMania, there is always a bit of a lull en route to the next big Pay-Per-View, but WWE brought some big-time stuff for Extreme Rules. A good bit of the card consisted of some rematches, but with new stipulations added into the mix. Let's check out a full recap and all the results.

Right before the event began, WWE officially pulled Daniel Bryan off the card and the Intercontinental Title match was shelved. WrestleZone reported that Bad News Barrett would now face Neville on the Kickoff Show instead.

WWE Extreme Rules WWE Title

Not a whole lot to say about the match as it was rather basic, and the ending told the whole story. Kane got in and chokeslammed Randy Orton and then Seth Rollins and place Rollins on top. Orton kicked out and Kane got all angry and went after him, but Orton RKOs him.

Rollins pops up, RKOs Orton and then crawls out of the cage.

Winner and Still Champ: Seth Rollins

Rusev insinuates he will take on John Cena at Payback in an "I Quit" match.

Bo Dallas comes out to kill time and make people "BO-lieve," but the heel turn is coming. Ryback comes out and destroys him. That killed all of five minutes.

wwe extreme rules last man standing

The crowd could not have been more dead for this. Broken tables, chairs, and the crowd counting along loudly with the ref every single time because they wanted it to be over. They actually booed when Big Show or Roman Reigns got up to break the count.

Show chokeslammed Reigns over the top rope and through two tables, and he still got up. The crowd chanted for Big Show. Reigns ran up the stairs, across the announcer table, and speared Show through the other table and still got up.

Reigns pinned Show under the announcer table and kept him down. Crowd could care less, but it wasn't a horrible match.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Rusev yells at Lana backstage and she heads out to talk to The Authority.

wwe extreme rules divas title NEW

A much better Divas match than expected, and Naomi proved that she can hold her own. Her light-up shoes changing colors the whole match were awesome. Brie ended up kicking Naomi behind the ref's back and it set up for Nikki to hit Rack Attack to retain.

Expect this feud to continue.

Winner and Still Champ: Nikki Bella

WWE Extreme Rules US Title

Usually, these types of matches have so much down and drag time, and this one was no exception. Still, both John Cena and Rusev made up for it in violence, and that helped a lot. They each touched all three corners a few times and then the chain was used as a whip and Rusev showed some huge and forceful power moves here.

Near the end, Rusev sent Lana to the back and then the two traded corners again. Finally, both men had each touched three corners and it turned into a tug of war. Cena pulled Rusev in for the AA, hit it, and touched the fourth corner to retain. A huge American flag came down after.

Winner and Still Champ: John Cena

wwe extreme rules tag titles

The Brass Ring Club controlled the majority of the match, but it turned to chaos at the end. Tyson Kidd got speared through the ropes by Big E, and Cesaro was going off on Kofi Kingston. Cesaro looked outside the ring and was rolled up by Kofi, who had a handful of tights to get the titles.

Winners and New Champs: The New Day

wwe extreme rules kiss me arse

Back and forth match, with Dolph Ziggler hitting some pretty big moves and a lot of near falls. Ziggler played the face-in-peril looking for a comeback a lot. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick a couple times, but eventually got caught with a roll-up for Ziggler's surprise victory.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Ziggler pulls down his shorts for Sheamus to kiss his rear. Sheamus keeps trying to get out of it and ends up low blowing Ziggler and hitting him with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus then makes an out-cold Ziggler kiss his rear instead.

wwe extreme rules street fight

Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper essentially beat the hell out of each other for about 10 minutes before heading to the backstage area. Harper eventually jumps in a truck, and Ambrose drives through the window as Harper peels out and takes off. To be continued?

The match continued after the Tag Title match, as the SUV crashes back in. Back into the arena, Harper piles chairs on Ambrose and heads up top. Ambrose knocks him off the top and hits Dirty Deeds on the chairs for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

wwe extreme rules neville barrett

This was a short, but good match for Neville's WWE Pay-Per-View debut. It was a back and forth match-up that saw Bad News Barrett break out his old Wasteland finisher, but Neville was able to kick out of it. BNB missed the Bullhamer twice and Neville got him in position, hit the Red Arrow, and got the win.

Winner: Neville

Extreme Rules was a fun night of action and it set some things up for future feuds while others were finally settled. Now, one has to wonder what becomes of Daniel Bryan and where does Roman Reigns go from here? Seth Rollins is still the champ, but who will he feud with next?

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