Jared Leto Joker Photo Revealed – And Here’s The Internet’s Reaction To The ‘Suicide Squad’ Villain

The Jared Leto Joker reveal last night was met with a variety of responses. Some accepted it, and others’ responses were complete outrage.

Still others made jokes about the Suicide Squad version of the Joker.

Most fans usually have a very distinct idea of what the popular DC Comics villain should look like. He usually sports wild green hair, bleached white skin, and a creepy grin accentuated by garish red lips. Video games, including the infamous Batman: Arkham series, have usually stayed true to the classic image, and only one actor has ever attempted to replicate it.

Cesar Romero was the first and last actor to portray the Joker the way comic books fans picture the character. Jack Nicholson came close but deviated with a more calculated mindset and a purple fedora.

Jared Leto as the joker looks like he belongs at an ICP show

— Zane (@expendxbIe) April 25, 2015

The version that the Jared Leto Joker reveal is bringing to mind most of all was Heath Ledger’s version from The Dark Knight, which ended up being a fan favorite once we saw him in action.

Leto was unveiled as having the same bleached white skin and green hair, but that’s where the similarities ended. Some are calling his version of the villain Marilyn Manson, due to the grillwork, the tattoos, and the general shock value.

Leto is sporting the classic Joker smile, but not where fans expected. It’s actually tattooed on his left arm, with the classic laugh tattooed on the other arm and shoulder.

Other fans, as stated above, are completely unaccepting of the new villain, calling him several kinds of horrible. Some are content to simply wait for the movie to come out before they judge this character. Fans had a similar reaction to Heath Ledger before they saw his take on the big screen.

One thing is certain about the Jared Leto Joker reveal: Nobody expected it, and everybody has an opinion.

What was your reaction to the big reveal?

[Image via TheFearMaster / Deviantart]