Cee Lo Green’s Cat Purrfect Has 35,000 Twitter Followers

Cee Lo Green has been doing his best Dr. Evil impression lately on “The Voice” with the help of his cat Purrfect. Purrfect has appeared in promos for the hit show and occasionally jumps onto Cee Lo’s lap while he’s giving interviews. And like all new celebrities, Purrfect now has her own Twitter account where she has more than 35,000 followers.

Cee Lo Green appeared on “Live! With Kelly” today to talk about his cat and make a few horrible puns. Cee Lo said:

“(Purrfect has) 40,000Twitter followers, she’s dating aggressive male cats… (She does all her own Tweeting from an) iPawd.”

Oh that Cee Lo…

Nicole Richie also appeared on the show today and said that she was a huge fan of “The Voice,” Cee Lo Green, Purrfect,” and the weird evil vibe that the cat brings to the show. Richie said:

“I love ‘The Voice.’ I think the star is Cee Lo’s kitty cat that he strokes… But like, as someone who watches it, there’s no explanation, just out of nowhere there’s a white cat that he starts stroking? It’s amazing. I want to come on shows and just have a cat and not discuss it … It’s genius.”

Are you a fan of “The Voice?” Are you a fan of Cee Lo Green’s cat Purrfect? If you are, and for some reason want to follow the cat on Twitter, (she updates her account pretty frequently) you can check it out here.

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