NFL Trade Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Attempting To Put Together Three-Team Trade To Land Marcus Mariota

The Philadelphia Eagles are heating up the NFL trade rumors with new reports that the team is trying to pull together a three-team deal that will land them quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Many reports in the last few months have connected the Eagles to Mariota, the Oregon quarterback expected to go No. 2 in next week’s NFL Draft. Eagles coach Chip Kelly has been on a quarterback binge this offseason, acquiring Sam Bradford and even signing Tim Tebow, but reports have indicated that Kelly really wants Mariota.

The Eagles are now rumored to be pulling together a three-team deal involved the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans, who hold the No. 2 pick.

The latest NFL trade rumor has been making its way around the NFL personnel meetings, noted Mark Eckel of

He broke down the deal, via Roto World.

“The Browns already offered No. 19 to the Rams for Bradford, prior to his trade to Philadelphia. St. Louis didn’t accept because it wanted a quarterback, and wound up acquiring Nick Foles. The Browns are ‘still said to have interest’ in Bradford. Per Eckel, the rumor has the Eagles then sending Nos. 19 and 20 — plus Mychal Kendricks and Fletcher Cox — to the Titans in exchange for No. 2 overall, where Philly would select Marcus Mariota. Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported Friday that Bradford currently believes the Eagles may be planning to trade him.”

But many are casting doubt on the latest NFL trade rumor. SB Nation writer Jason Hirschhorn put the likelihood of the deal at 20 percent, noting that the Titans would likely have better offers if they want to move down out of the No. 2 draft spot.

“Then there’s the issue of compensation for the other teams involved,” Hirschhorn wrote. “While the Browns reportedly did have interest in Bradford before his trade to Philadelphia, the Titans may have a better offer from another team. The rumored deal still leaves them without an established quarterback, and Philip Rivers might be available from the Chargers.”

The Chargers aren’t the only team angling to land Marcus Mariota, either. There are now about a half dozen teams reportedly interested in trading up, including the Cleveland Browns. The Titans could also decide to hold onto the pick if the price isn’t right, selecting Mariota and giving Zach Mettenberger some competition.

Whatever happens with Marcus Mariota or the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL trade rumors will be cleared up very soon. The first round of the NFL Draft is now less than a week away.

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