Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Greg Hardy In Fight With Teammate, Future With The Team Could Be In Jeopardy

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to already have problems with Greg Hardy, with reports that the defensive end got into an altercation with a teammate.

Reports circulated Friday that Hardy got into a “verbal altercation” with Davon Coleman. Mike Garafalo of Fox Sports reported that Hardy was questioning Coleman’s effort in conditioning drills when Coleman took it personally.

“[Coleman] called him a woman beater,” a source said, according to Yahoo! Sports‘ Rand Getlin.

The Fox Sports report indicated that other players stepped in before the fight could get physical:

“Coleman’s agent, Michael Loeffler, confirmed there was a confrontation between Hardy and his client, though Loeffler said it was only a verbal argument and not a physical fight. Sources said teammates got in between the two players before the argument could escalate.”

Hardy signed with the Dallas Cowboys earlier this month and has been suspended 10 games after a domestic abuse arrest last year. He has a one-year deal worth $11.3 million, though none of the money is guaranteed.

The Dallas Cowboys have been criticized for the signing, but the team and head coach Jason Garrett stood by the decision.

“It was all about research and who he is as a player and who he is as a person,” Garrett said. “Let’s go work on this guy, let’s figure out who he is. That was the process. We talked to a lot of guys who are very close to him. A lot of people at Ole Miss, at lot of people with the Carolina Panthers.”

But the talks didn’t come until after Hardy had already signed, Fox Sports noted. The report went on to question the team’s decision to sign Hardy, implying that there may not be complete agreement about it.

“So the Cowboys pumped tons of man power and, according to Garrett, did ‘exhaustive research’ into finding everything they could about Hardy as a player and a person while speaking with ‘dozens and dozens’ of people.”

“And yet no one bothered to call the head coach from his former team? Inauspicious at best.”

The latest report seems to confirm rumors that not everyone in the Dallas Cowboys organization is happy about signing Greg Hardy. There is speculation that his position on the team could be in jeopardy, but the Cowboys have yet to say anything about the incident.

[Photo credit: Grant Halverson / Getty Images]