Sandler Script Leaked To Press: More ‘Ridiculous Six’ Stupid Jokes About Pee-Pees And Teepees

As reported by the Inquisitr, the new Adam Sandler movie called The Ridiculous Six angered some Native American actors and an advisor so much with its “Beaver’s Breath” and “No Bra” character names that they decided to leave the movie set. One day later, more of the actual script and jokes contained therein have been leaked to the press, so the world is getting a closer view of the language and barbs that offended Native Americans from Sandler’s script.

The additional jokes contained in the script that prompted the actors to leave Sandler’s set, as reported by Gawker‎, contain the sort of juvenile fare that audiences have some to expect from an Adam Sandler creation. The section of the script from The Ridiculous Six opens with a scene at an Apache village that shows an area rife and busy with natives spear fishing whilst their kids play. “Smoking Fox” is one woman who’s described as hanging out with her “chubby” friend “Beaver Breath” and a younger Apache called “Never Wears Bra” when the scene turns to talk of using the toilet. That’s when one woman has to describe to the other this mysterious thing called toilet paper.

“Paper used to clean your chi-wat after taking a chungo.”

“That what dead squirrel for!”

“Why we all so afraid to try something new in this village? Must I speak with the spirits to see if it ‘okay’ to have clean chi-wat without murdering innocent rodent?”

“Whoa somebody ‘on the raccoon’ today…”

Gawker lists additional scenes from the leaked script, which all contain the same sort of bad English usage that has offended some folks. Netflix has excused the movie by saying that since “ridiculous” is in the title, viewers should expect a ridiculous move. The fact that Sandler has created such movies and made a pretty penny doing so is the fault of everyone who has ever bought a ticket to a Sandler film, reports the Washington Post‎ — all the while other actors call Adam’s jokes “next level bullying.”

[Image via The Ridiculous Six]