Justin Bieber Reaches Settlement In Miami Photographer Lawsuit

Justin Bieber has settled a lawsuit filed against him by a photographer two years ago.

According to the Associated Press, attorney Mark DiCowden confirmed the settlement on Friday between his client, paparazzo Jeffrey Binion, and Bieber. DiCowden and Bieber’s lawyer Jeremiah Reynolds told press the agreement terms are confidential.

The civil lawsuit was brought by Binion against Bieber and his bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, in 2013. Binion claimed he was assaulted by Hesny and other bodyguards outside a Miami recording studio in June, 2013, after he took photos of the singer.

The paparazzo claimed his camera and memory card were forcibly taken. He also alleged Bieber told his security guards to rough him up. Bieber denied any such order.

News of the settlement comes three weeks before a scheduled trial was due to start on May 11 in Miami.

Binion sought unspecified damages in his lawsuit.

“All I can say is that the case has been settled,” DiCowden reportedly local tabloid, Gossip Extra.

On March 31, Bieber, Binion, and their respective lawyers attended a five hour mediation at the Bilzin Sumberg law firm. It was mediated by retired judge David Gersten. Following the session, E! News reported a source as saying, “As of today, nothing was resolved.”

Since then, the two sides came to an agreement. The case will most likely be remembered for the deposition Bieber was court ordered to attend last year.

During the March 6, 2014, hearing, DiCowden ran experienced rings around the then-just-turned-20-year-old. The Biebs appeared out of his depth during the deposition, alternating between non-communicative or snarky answers. At one point, he even swore at the court clerk.

Bieber also apologized to the clerk shortly after the snafu, and told her he shouldn’t have let DiCowden “get” to him. Inevitably, TMZ and other media outlets did not run footage of the Canadian’s apology, preferring to focus on juicier parts.

Scroll to 4:51 minutes for Bieber’s apology.

The hearing covered topics such as Bieber’s career, advisers, financial team, his attitude toward paparazzi, and relationship with his bodyguards.

At one point, the singer was questioned about his on-off girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Bieber snapped and repeatedly told DiCowden, “Don’t ask me about her again.”

Bieber was pilloried after TMZ published the edited deposition days later. Resulting media and general public comments ignored the reality that the grilling was over four hours long, videotaped, and was an evidently pressurized experience for the singer.

As of today, (April 24), the Justin Bieber vs. Jeffery Binion case has been settled. There are other ongoing cases, but this is one down for the hitmaker.

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