‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kristen Opens Up, Victor Wants To End Will’s Marriage

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that the week will go out with a bang. While viewers watched as Melanie Jonas was the first to lay eyes on Brady and Theresa’s baby boy, whom Kristen DiMera kidnapped from the womb and named Christopher, Brady has yet to know that his son is in his ex-fiance’s care.

We Love Soaps reports that Kristen will open up to Brady and Melanie, but will she tell them the truth? Kristen needs the baby’s biological mother, Theresa Donovan, to donate her bone marrow in order to cure baby Christopher from his immune disease, all the while she doesn’t want Brady and Theresa to know about the baby.

Now that Melanie has seen the little one, how will Kristen get out of this mess? Since it is Kristen we’re talking about here, it’s likely she’ll try to lie her way out of the situation. Perhaps she’ll tell Brady that the baby is his and hers together. However, Melanie believes that baby is Theresa’s and Brady will demand a DNA test once he finds out the child exists.

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Will Horton will turn to his grandmother and mentor, Marlena Evans-Black, for help when he suspects that Victor Kiriakis is trying to sabotage his marriage to Sonny Kiriakis. Will and Sonny’s relationship is very rocky right now thanks to Will’s affair with Sonny’s ex-boyfriend, Paul Norita, and the marriage can’t take another blow. However, Will won’t want to go head to head with Victor, who is known for getting his way at any cost.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Days of Our Lives viewers will also see Nicole and Serena brawl again, as Nicole can smell that Serena is up to something. Will Nicole put together the pieces and figure out that her new friend Xander is also in on whatever Serena is doing? If so, it could cause problems between Nicole and her on again, off again boyfriend, Daniel Jonas, who was once close with Xander.

As previously reported by the Inquistir, whatever is going on with Serena Mason will be wrapped up shortly, as the actress who portrays the character, Melissa Archer, has been fired from the show and will be exiting Salem in the near future. This comes after a big writers shake up at Days, and judging from recent ratings, the soap could use some fresh ideas and story lines.

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