Want A Body Like Kate Upton’s? Cut Out A Few Items And Apparently You’re On Your Way

Blonde bombshell Kate Upton has recently been named the sexiest woman alive by People, and it’s no wonder. The 22-year-old has a figure that has women asking the million dollar question: what is her secret?

Upton has reportedly shared a bit of advice and opened up in regards to her eating habits which have allowed her to achieve and maintain the sought-after, voluptuous physique that she has. The Daily Mail relays that there are simply a few items to steer clear of in order to be well underway towards getting a bod like Kate’s.

“Kate, who appeared on the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, lives by the ABC rule: No alcohol, bread or processed carbohydrates, and goes through a 48-hour juice cleanse before every big film scene of photo shoot.”

This beauty, who’s known for her curves and natural physique, wears a size 8 (U.S.) and though “natural” is the adjective often used after “sexy” to describe her, Upton follows a strict diet in order to maintain this seemingly “natural” exterior. Kate shared her routine when it comes to what foods she eats throughout the day with Evening Standard and made it clear what her true reasons are for setting such a strict regime in place for herself.

“For me it’s about being strong, having the strength to work ten-hour days and eating healthily.”

The Daily Mail notes the communicated nutritional choices which Upton mentioned during her chat with the magazine, stating that she eats “lean and green meals every day, with only the occasional ‘cheat day,'” during which she enjoys fried foods. Examples of the types of meals Kate prepares for herself were noted as well.

” [F]or dinner she prepares a meal of sashimi of grilled chicken with a kale and cashew salad. Fans of red meat will also be disappointed – Kate lives by the rule ‘if it flies or swims, it’s good,’ meaning bacon, steak and sausages are out of the question.”

Although Kate Upton ensures to manage her nutrition and fitness regimes strictly, she also has become an advocate for young women in order to remind them that curves are beautiful. Along with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Uptom seeks to inspire and be a role model for young women who perhaps struggle with various eating disorders due to the harsh expectations often placed on them.

Upton spoke with the publication about the issue of body image and her feeling in regards to advocating after indicating that her own best feature are her ears.

“I’m happy to be seen as a good example, if I can help girls who are going through body image issues, I think that’s amazing.”

Kate Upton’s accidental fame after being the subject of a viral video back in 2011 has led to a promising career for the young model and actress. In addition, this Kate is now the “most googled Kate on the internet,” even above the royal duchess.

[Feature image via vancitybuzz.com]