Can I shoot this prick – Please!

Scams are one thing on the Internet. We all hear about the Nigerian 411 cash hauls that are made because people can be stupid and greedy and we snicker away at their foolishness. As bad as those maybe they pale in comparison to a scam that plays on the live and death emotions of people in desperate need of transplants.

It appears that one Jerome Feldman, 67, a psychiatrist wanted already in Florida for health-care fraud has been arrested in Guam. In addition to his outstanding charges in Florida he is also charged by the Federal authorities for duping patients into paying hundreds of thousands of dollars through Feldman’s website for organ transplants that never materialized. The prosecutors say that the scam which netted Feldman as much as $400,000 also lead to the death of a Canadian man who was expecting a liver.

The latest example concerns a Canadian couple. After seeing Feldman’s online site,, the pair wired $70,000 to a New York bank account for Feldman last year. In exchange, the husband was promised he would get a new liver at a hospital in the Philippines.

The man checked into the hospital in July, where he died after the hospital refused to provide a transplant. The hospital said it had never heard of a “Dr. Mitch Michaelson,” the doctor who was supposed to save the man’s life.

New York U.S. Attorney Andrew Baxter accused Feldman on Thursday of being a “perpetrator of an unconscionable scheme directed at desperate and vulnerable victims.”

Adding insult to injury, the hospital billed the dead man’s widow $20,000.

Source: Threat Level

Bilking someone out of their money is one thing but doing at the cost of their life – unforgiveable.