Music Fans Bash Jay-Z And Beyoncé’s Alleged Tidal Collaborative Album

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are recording an album together and, as the Huffington Post reports, they are about to release it on the much-criticized music streaming service, Tidal.

“It may be time to actually sign up for Tidal. The long-rumored Beyoncé and Jay Z joint album will reportedly be released exclusively on Tidal, according to DJ Skee. The host of Skee TV revealed last September that the couple was working on an album together. In his latest segment on Skee TV, the DJ reports that sources have told him the album is nearing completion.”

As excited as the Huffington Post is about the new album, their readers clearly aren’t. Top commenter Ian Band is very critical.

“Another Jay-Z influenced Beyonce album that will sell well, and that nobody will remember in a year. His influence on her music is awful. She’s a great performer, but not an artist. She doesn’t write her own music (which is fine), but each song has 9 writers and collaborators. She is a performer, and Jay-Z’s help on her works is awful.”

Commenter Larry Lootsteen also wasn’t very happy.

“Nobody will care because Tidal is already dead. Their last secret premiere was out in hours off Tidal. No one wants a streaming service that benefits the rich. No one will pay. They have what, 17000 subscribers vs Spotify’s millions. Shut it down.”

Let’s hope that neither Beyoncé or Jay-Z read what the reactions are on Twitter.


Jay-Z introduced Tidal last March along with huge superstars such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Rihanna. According to the Los Angeles Times, Tidal is already a huge flop.

“Hear that? It’s the sound of the Tidal wave — crashing. Two weeks after rapper-entrepreneur Jay Z brought out Beyoncé and a half-dozen of the pop music world’s biggest stars onstage with him to roll out the Tidal high-quality music service as a new business model in the streaming world, the Tidal app has plummeted out of iTunes’ Top 700 iPhone apps chart,” author Randy Lewis writes.

According to Rolling Stone, the Tidal launch has been so much of a disaster that Andy Chen, the CEO of Tidal’s parent company, suddenly left last week. There were also reports that besides Chen, 25 other employees were laid off. The Internet backlash against Tidal has been swift — many believe that the service is nothing but an excuse for mega-rich pop stars to pocket even more money. Do you think a joint album with Jay-Z and Beyoncé can save Tidal? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]