Buck Dobson Creating Child Love Dolls For Pedophiles To ‘Molest And Have Sexual Relations With’ To Prevent Harming Real Children

Angelica N. Sumter - Author

Oct. 26 2016, Updated 5:28 a.m. ET

Abused by his adult sister at the age of 10, Buck Dobson of Denver, Colorado, made his mission to cure pedophiles of their illness. But he says every attempt, such as rehabilitation and outreach programs, seems to have failed, which caused him to look into starting a company that will focus on creating child love dolls, according to Celebtricity.

“Look, you can’t change a pedophile’s sexual-orientation, and that’s what it is, an orientation, any more than you can a homo or heterosexual’s,” Dobson says.

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“You can try to get a pedophile to refrain from touching kids — and that sometimes works — but these people desire children and that desire is deep inside their genes. So why try to fix something unfixable?”

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The child love dolls are meant to fulfill every pedophiles fantasies without having to lure a real child into engaging in sexual acts, leaving them with a life-long scar just as Dobson’s’ sister left him. Dobson will work to create child-like dolls that are both male and female, including infant dolls so that each pedophile can purchase precisely what they want, and also fulfill their needs.

“These dolls will feel and smell just like real children and have all the naughty parts,” Dobson said. “Pedophiles are gonna love them.”

Pedophiles may love them, but Twitter has spoken and they don’t seem too thrilled about the release of child love dolls. Here are their response as follows.

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Before Dobson can create these child-like dolls, he will need to raise money in which he contrives to apply for a grant.

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“I’m going to attempt to get a government grant to offset startup costs to keep the price of the dolls low, so we can get a child sex doll into the bed of every pedophile in America. This is also a great business opportunity for me because pedophile numbers are increasing. It’s a huge, growing market that nobody has tapped.”

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“Most pedophiles know what they’re doing is wrong,” Dobson stated. “They don’t want to do it [molest a child] and get caught and go to prison. So let’s give them a healthy alternative so they won’t feel the need to touch our living, breathing children.”

Marketing child love dolls is a field no has tackled yet, which is why Dobson is certain his new company will be a success. Once Dobson has established the company, he will later create different options for pedophiles to choose from, such as ethnicity, hair color, eye color, and body type.

With his new found idea, he hopes to stop pedophiles from molesting children.

Is Dobson’s idea of creating child love dolls that resemble real children for pedophiles a good idea? What are your thoughts?

[Image courtesy of Frana Blaylock/Flickr]


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