Cersei Lannister: Is Evil Queen Going to Get Pity in Season 5?

Cersei Lannister is truly an amazing and controversial character of the Game of Thrones. Most fans consider her a villain, but does she really deserve this attitude? Looks like Season 5 of the show might give all viewers a better understanding of Cersei Lannister’s character and who knows – perhaps the twists of the plot will also change the feelings of the majority towards her.

Yet in June of the previous year the Inquisitr predicted that Season 5 might become Cersei’s downfall.

“Those who follow HBO’s hit fantasy series know that things are looking particularly bleak for Cersei Lannister. Not only did she lose her son Joffrey, her father also shuffled off his mortal coil during this (last) season’s gripping finale. Lena Headey said all of this will definitely take its toll on the woman when the new episodes roll around.”

Meanwhile bookworms who have read the books before Game of Thrones turned mainstream were chuckling to themselves, because they thought they were aware of what would happen to Cersei. However, now, after the first episodes of Season 5 proved to be different from the novels by their plot, nobody knows for sure how main characters’ fates will turn out (minor characters never stand a chance, according to the first four seasons). The only thing is obvious – things are going to get nasty for Cersei, more or less.

Even if there had been no feeling of impending doom somehow connected with this character, doesn’t Cersei deserve sympathy for what already happened to her? Many fans consider her vicious, but hey, who isn’t in Westeros. The Daily Beast questions the vile nature of the queen mother.

“By using her feminine wiles to her advantage, Cersei turned the tables. Sex became her currency, and a tool. With it she chipped away at her enclosure and discovered her own potential. Sure, she lacks the empathy of Daenerys Targaryen, the Great Emancipator whose heart bleeds for the world. Nor does she live by the moral code of Arya Stark. But that doesn’t make her a villain. This is, after all, a show about power.”

It definitely looks like Cersei is going to get enough screen time and drama during the Season 5 to, at least, make the fans of the show see the whole story from her point of view. Hopefully, Cersei Lannister is finally going to get credit not only for her scheming, but for her personality as well.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]