Another Duggar Engaged? Cryptic Instagram Post Hints At Relationship Plans

Is another Duggar engaged? So far, there’s no official statement, but a series of posts from Amy Duggar, cousin to Jim Bob’s crew, and her boyfriend, Dillon King, seem to suggest that the two have taken the next step toward wedding bells. This follows the announcement of Josiah Duggar beginning his courtship.

Rumors of Amy’s engagement previously surfaced in January, and, according to IBTimes, she shot them down, saying she was ready, and that the pair had looked at rings, but that there was no official engagement yet.

In the past week, though, a series of posts seem to suggest the couple is moving forward — and today’s post especially seems to point to long-term plans.

First, there was this post from boyfriend Dillon King, three days ago.

Is Amy Duggar engaged?

The image is clearly celebrating their anniversary of five months dating, but this part has fans wondering if King is making plans.

“… can’t wait to see what the future hold for us.”

Amy Duggar posted a similar, though more playful, photo the same day.

Amy Duggar may be engaged.

Now, though, she has posted one that’s a lot more suggestive, and the way she’s captioned it really has fans speculating.

Amy Duggar engaged, or breaking up?

A few fans expressed concerns that perhaps the photo wasn’t about the couple being engaged, but about them ending their relationship. It seems the white line down the center looked, to many, like a declaration of a divide.

Amy’s post, however, strongly hinted at a positive relationship change. Is she engaged? Take a look at what she had to say and draw your own conclusions.

Another Duggar engaged?

Hearts, smiley faces, and ‘lol’ don’t look much like a story of a breakup. Nor does putting their names together.


The whole message points much more to Amy Duggar being engaged to Dillon King than to any kind of breakup. Of course, the photo and message may just suggest that they should’ve always known they’d end up together — not that they’ve made any great leaps in the past few days.

People are asking questions on both Amy and Dillon’s Instagram photos, but so far the happy couple isn’t answering.

Christian Post reported last month that the Duggar cousin had expressed interest in her own reality show — a spin-off from 19 Kids and Counting.

A lot of fans find the slightly less conservative branch of the family intriguing, and their lifestyle is, of course, closer to that of many viewers.

If such a show really is in the works, Amy Duggar’s engagement could well be the starting point.

So, is Amy Duggar engaged, or just enjoying her relationship? Only time (and the Duggars) will tell.