Fall Out Boy Pays Tribute To Green Day, Inducts Band Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Pop-punk band Fall Out Boy owes quite a great deal of artistic influence to satirical Canadian rockers Green Day. Fall Out Boy’s backup singer and lyricist Pete Wentz was quoted as crediting Green Day’s album Dookie for changing his life.

“If I hadn’t heard an album like Dookie, I don’t know where I would’ve ended up,” Wentz stated to Time magazine in 2013.

According to Rolling Stone, Fall Out Boy further honored Green Day at Saturday night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, when Fall Out Boy’s guitarist and lead vocalist Patrick Stump called Green Day one of his favorite pop-punk bands and recalled the time he first listened to a cassette tape of Dookie.

There’s no doubting Fall Out Boy has borrowed elements of its witty and ironic lyrical style from Green Day, and both share a similar vocal style as well (though, arguably, Green Day’s vocalist has a style that is a bit more harsh and driving than that of Pete Wentz). The bands’ looks are also pretty similar to one another, with both Pete Wentz and Green Day member Billie Jo Armstrong donning looks symbolic of their pop-punk roots (ie makeup, tattoos, and long hair). This isn’t super shocking due to the fact that both bands are probably catering to a similar fanbase.

Ultimateclassicrock.com perfectly captured the essence of the band’s admiration for Green Day when they quoted Pete Wentz complimenting Green Day for never having taken the easy or obvious way out. Fall Out Boy, who released a new single in February of this year, has listed Blink-182, The Smiths, and Jimmy Eat World amongst their other significant influences.

The band released their sixth studio album American Beauty/American Psycho in January of 2015. That album contained the hit song “Centuries”, which hit number 10 on the Billboard charts and went double platinum. The band also mentioned in a tweet on April 21 that they would be on the cover of the 30-year anniversary edition of Alternative Press magazine.

Fall Out Boy will be on tour in the U.S. and parts of the UK starting this summer. The tour will bring them to places as diverse as Connecticut, Florida, and New Jersey, as well as Norwich in the United Kingdom, and will begin May 3 in Holmdel, New Jersey, ending up later this year in St. Petersburg, Russia, according to the band’s official site.

[Image Credit: Mike Coppola, Getty Images]