Doctors Detail Long-Lasting Lip And Facial Damage From Trying Kylie Jenner Challenge

Danny Cox - Author

Apr. 23 2015, Updated 9:08 a.m. ET

The Kylie Jenner Challenge has taken the internet by storm, and it is causing a lot of problems for so many people. Not only are those taking the challenge ending up with swollen lips and weird looks, but doctors now warn that the challenge can have long-lasting damage, which could bring about permanent scarring.

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The newest trend on social media is the Kylie Jenner Challenge in which teens are hoping to get big and luscious lips like the reality television star. Unfortunately, they are not getting the look they desired and are putting themselves at risk, per USA Today.

In the challenge, teens put their lips into a glass or container and suck in as hard as they possibly can. This creates a vacuum effect and makes their lips swollen and puffy so they can “look” like Kylie Jenner.

After doing the challenge, they hop on social media and post a pic of their new look with the hashtag #kyliejennerchallenge attached to it. Their lips are looking very plump and big, but they are also looking quite strange and disfigured.

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Doctors are now speaking out about the damage that can be done by the Kylie Jenner Challenge, and it can be long lasting. Not only will a person’s lips end up swollen, puffy, and red, but scarring can occur, per Fox 59.

“What happens is the blood vessels can break so that can be a permanent break with permanent bruising and scarring permanent swelling of the lips. But also temporarily can cause really unsightly bruising around the lips,” said Dr. Beth Brogan, a dermatologist at St.Vincent Medical Group.

What many people don’t realize is that there are even greater dangers when trying the Kylie Jenner Challenge. While someone has his or her lips in the glass and begins sucking the air out, the glass could break.

“When a shot glass goes on your lips and you’re sucking that air out of it there’s a risk for the shot glass to break. Especially if there’s a defect in the glass or something like that and that could cause a really serious cut that of course would leave a permanent scar,” said Brogan.

Dangerous trends like this can fill up social media and get too far out of hand before anyone even realizes that teens are trying it.

Kylie Jenner is always in the news for her TV show, possibly dropping out of school, pregnancy rumors, or the idea she may have gotten a nipple ring. Now she’s in the news for something she hasn’t even done. Still, the Kylie Jenner Challenge is spreading, and it can bring a lot of dangerous risks with it.

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