Fitness Blogger On Body Image: Cassey Ho Creates Body Shaming Video, It Goes Viral

A fitness blogger posted a video on body image, and it has gone viral.

Cassey Ho is a fitness instructor with tons of followers on YouTube. The California resident recently noticed that the body shaming battle has gotten pretty intense online, and she wanted to do something about it… so she made a video.

According to KHON 2, Cassey highlighted the negative comments that she has received, and then started trimming her body digitally for all to see. From people telling her that she should have a six-pack to others saying that her rear is too small, Cassey wanted to show people what their comments actually mean.

“Within the past few months though, it’s gotten really negative online. It’s actually been terrible… In this video, you will experience what it feels like to be constantly bombarded with outrageous negativity. You will see what it looks like to have your self esteem stripped away.”

Cassey Ho has moved people with her video that shows how “perfect” really looks — and how it feels. She thins out her thighs and her waist, gives herself a bigger bottom and bigger breasts, and transforms into what some people apparently think she should look like, based on their comments.

Business Insider calls the video “brilliant,” and there really isn’t a better word to describe it. The video has been viewed over two million times since it was posted six days ago.

Body shaming has become pretty serious, as people on the internet seem to have no problem telling everyone else how they should look. Recently, celebrities like Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson have been getting blasted left and right for their weight. Having the “perfect” body seems to be the focus for millions of people. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lane Bryant took a shot at Victoria’s Secret after their ad campaign for “The Perfect Body” caused serious controversy. Body shaming is no joke.

And Cassey Ho just gets it.

[Photo via YouTube]