Get Your First Look At The Vision In Action In Newly Released ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Clips

As Avengers: Age of Ultron gets ready to wreak havoc on the international box office, more and more details on the Marvel blockbuster are trickling out. Thanks to a couple of newly released Avengers snippets, Marvel fans can catch a glimpse of one of the newest characters to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe: the Vision.

The new clips come by way of BBC One‘s The One Show (h/t: ComicBookResources), where Marvel mainstay Paul Bettany made a recent appearance. Bettany, who has long provided the voice of Tony Stark’s onboard computer assistant Jarvis, will take to the screen in a Marvel movie for the first time in Age of Ultron. His character: The Vision, an android creation who will, if Age of Ultron hews close to the comic mythology, will eventually come to ally with the Avengers against Ultron.

The One Show video gives us two looks at the Vision in motion – one near the top of the clip and another about five minutes in. From the looks of things, the Vision’s first encounter with the Avengers will not be the chummiest of meetings.

Bettany went on to talk about the character he will be embodying going forward, saying that the Vision is the “flipside of Ultron.”

“They’re sort of two sides of the same coin, really,” Bettany explained, “and there is a link between Jarvis – who I used to play and still play in this movie – and the Vision, but I’m not allowed to say what it is.”

That latter bit is due to Marvel’s storied secrecy regarding the plot points of its blockbusters. Avengers fans have speculated, though, that Age of Ultron will see the villainous Ultron creating the Vision in part from Jarvis, turning Tony Stark’s digital assistant into a weapon to tear the Avengers apart. That’s all conjecture until it’s verified on the screen, but Bettany does confirm that Age of Ultron will show Vision’s very beginnings.

“I loved playing him,” Bettany said. “You get to see him born on screen, which I will never get to do again – I hope.”

Bettany also added that Vision may well prove to be a handful for the Avengers, even without Ultron.

“And he’s supremely powerful and omnipotent,” Bettany added, “and yet totally naive and experiencing the world as it comes and wondering if he’s going to be a force for good or evil.”

The Vision, of course, won’t be the only new Marvel character hitting the screen when Age of Ultron opens. The next Avengers movie will, of course, feature the eponymous robot villain, as well as new additions, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. There’s also speculation that Age of Ultron could feature cameos from any number of other heroes, including Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and maybe even your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as Marvel expands its cinematic superhero universe to a massive scale.