Big Sean: Ariana Grande Staged Justin Bieber PDA To ‘Hurt Me’ After Split

Big Sean and Ariana Grande’s split drama continues. This time, with a new role for Justin Bieber — that of unwitting, dumb pawn.

According to TMZ, sources say Big Sean claims he ended the eight month romance with the songstress because he thought she was “immature.” It’s said the rapper thinks Ariana used Justin Bieber’s onstage hug at one of her shows as a weapon to “hurt” him after he called things off.

It’s all a far cry from the official reason for Big Sean and Ariana’s split. On Monday, reps told Us Weekly, the former couple are still “close friends.” Meanwhile, insiders apparently told the magazine and E! News that conflicting touring schedules were the main reason for the breakup.

So, why did Big Sean allegedly think Ariana was “immature?” TMZ believe they have the answers.

The gossip site claims the rapper was angered that Ariana couldn’t find the time to make it down to his career-pivoting show at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on February 7. As pictures show, a lot of celebrities turned out for Sean. These included, Kanye West, the Biebs, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, JLo, A$AP Rocky and Tyga – but not Ariana.

The “Problem” singer allegedly told Big Sean she couldn’t come because she was getting ready for the Grammys the next day. It’s claimed Sean thought Ariana’s alleged reasons were “extremely selfish.”

Justin Bieber Parties With Stars At Big Sean's House Of Blues Show
(Photo: The stars came out for Big Sean's House Of Blues Show, but Ariana didn't)

In addition, Sean supposedly did all the running in the relationship, traveling to visit Ariana “10 times more” than she went to see him. The rapper allegedly claims Ariana once made him pay out thousands of dollars to take a private jet to be with her. Apparently, Big Sean resented this demand and found it “immature.”

It’s claimed Sean pulled the plug on their romance shortly after. Ariana’s Honeymoon Tour show in Los Angeles on April 8 supposedly took place right after their breakup.

As was widely reported at the time, Bieber was a guest at the concert and performed three songs. During the last song — a rendition of his 2012 hit “As Long As You Love Me” — he embraced Ariana onstage.

Although, it looked like the songstress gave the Biebs the brush off, TMZ claims Big Sean believes the idea for the embrace was “calculated” and staged by Ariana to “hurt” him.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: That alleged tweet posted by Big Sean is fake, said the rapper's rep)

The upshot? Does this mean the discredited tweet that wasn’t posted by Big Sean really was sent by Big Sean after all? Did Ariana — who has been accused of diva antics many times before — tell Bieber to embrace her onstage to twist the knife and “hurt” Sean after he ended their relationship?

Gossip sites are lapping up this latest juicy add to the Sean-Grande-Bieber saga, which is likely the only certainty in this increasingly sorry tale.

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