‘Furious 7’: Stunt Crew Members Reportedly Left Out Of Credits

Quite a few members from a Furious 7 stunt team were reportedly left out of the end credits of the film.

TMZ reports that inside sources claim the names of the second unit stunt crew were completely left out of the end credits.

“We’re told the stunt team members feel like they were ‘punched in the gut’ when they realized 25 members of their team — many of whom risked their lives — were left out of the credits.”

Hundreds of people are usually staffed in one department or another — especially with high-budget, blockbuster action films. Therefore, it is somewhat understandable that a few names of the many people working behind the scenes could slip through the cracks.

However, according to the report, the second unit stunt crew for Furious 7 did not play a small, forgettable role in the popular box office hit. This crew was featured in many of the most memorable, jaw-dropping stunt scenes from the film.

For instance, the second unit stunt crew played an instrumental role in the heart-stopping mountain road chase sequence, as well as the unbelievable parachuting vehicle scene.

TMZ reports that one of the crew members that were not listed in the credits worked as Paul Walker’s stunt double during the action-packed bus scene featured in many of the TV spots and movie trailers for the film.

As the bus fell from a cliff, Paul’s character (Brian O’Conner) had to escape from inside of a large bus as it progressively fell from a cliff.

Since it’s release earlier this month, Furious 7 has continued making headlines for one reason or another. The heartwarming tribute to the late actor, Paul Walker, won over the hearts of many longtime Fast and Furious fans and critics.

The CGI version of Paul Walker was praised by some and slammed by others. Vin Diesel assured Furious 7 fans that there will be at least one more installment to the long-running franchise.

Perhaps the biggest headline, though, is that Furious 7 — a film made with a $195 million budget — has already grossed over $1.15 billion worldwide.

In regards to the second unit stunt crew members not receiving their Furious 7 credit, Universal reportedly told TMZ that they are looking into it.

[Image Credit: Los Angeles Times]