Josiah Duggar’s Girlfriend Marjorie Jackson Has Dark Family History, Uncle Involved In The Mob

Josiah Duggar recently announced his courtship to Marjorie Jackson who he fell for while on a mission trip in El Salvador. The young couple’s announcement left many wanting to know more about the girl who won Josiah’s heart. Sadly, it now seems that Marjorie’s past is being heavily scrutinized by the media, as the young lady’s squeaky clean image appeared too good to be true. It was discovered that Marjorie’s late uncle had a history of criminal activity and was even charged for organized crime. However, will the uncle’s transgressions have any effect on Josiah’s courtship with Marjorie?

Radar Online reports that Marjorie Jackson’s family isn’t exactly what it appears, as they uncovered a lurid history involving organized crime and criminal activity involving one of Marjorie’s uncles. The report indicates that the uncle, Ben Jackson, died when he was just 41-years-old. The death is very recent with Ben passing on March 7, just weeks before the courtship with Josiah Duggar began.

Radar notes that Ben was a divorced father-of-two and was a criminal for a large portion of his life. From DUI charges to involvement in organized crime, it appears that Ben led a life that was not exactly in line with the religious Duggar family. The report questions whether the Duggar family knew of the uncle’s criminal past and if the revelation could potentially hinder the new couple’s courtship.

Despite the uncle’s un-Duggarly behavior, it is very unlikely that it will have any effect on Josiah and Marjorie’s courtship. The 17-year-old Marjorie is an accomplished young lady. She is already a published author, bilingual, and is already taking graphic design courses in college. In the peppy courtship announcement video, it is apparent that Marjorie has a good sense of humor and well-spoken.

In addition to Marjorie’s personal accomplishments, the Duggars most likely already knew of the uncle’s past activities as the death was so very recent. With Michelle Duggar’s rave reviews of Marjorie, it is highly doubtful that the young lady will be going anywhere anytime soon.

With sisters Jessa and Jill recently getting married, could Josiah not be far behind? Though the couple is younger, with an announcement of courtship, it is likely they are already seriously considering a life together. The Duggars are known for quickly making their way to the alter after entering courtship and if an engagement is announced, a wedding would only be months behind.

Do you think the couple is too young to enter into a courtship together? Do you think the Duggar family will be welcoming a new daughter-in-law soon?

[Image Credit: TLC]