Double Fine Kickstarter Fundraiser Raises $2.6 Million, Ends on Tuesday

Back in February, Double Fine kicked off a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise money for an adventure game of the old-school point-and-click variety. The original goal was to reach $400,000 in 33 days, but the goal was met–and then surpassed–in only 8 hours.

Since then, Double Fine’s “Adventure” fundraiser has amassed an astounding $2.67 million as of writing with a total of over 73,000 gamers backing Double Fine’s Kickstarter campaign.

In Double Fine’s fourth and possibly final fundraiser update, legendary developer Tim Schafer revealed that, thanks to all of the excess funding from Double Fine fans, backers of their as-yet unnamed adventure game will get a few extra bonuses for their support.

For backers that donated $100 or more, they’ll receive a physical copy of Double Fine’s upcoming adventure game packaged inside an appropriately old-school big cardboard box. The design for the retail package is said to be inspired by classic adventure game boxes such as Grim Fandango.

Double Fine’s fundraiser still has a few days left to go, so if you’d like to donate a couple of dollars and get early access to the game (provided you donate at least $15), you can head over to Double Fine’s Kickstarter page to get started.

Otherwise, you can check out Double Fine’s latest fundraiser update directly below.