Michelle Lewin Shows Off Sculpted Abs In Purple Sports Bra And Leggings For At-Home Workout Video

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin gave her 13.6 million Instagram followers some quarantine-friendly fitness tips on Saturday with the latest video series on her Instagram page.

In the video clips, Michelle rocked a purple sports bra and leggings which showed off her abs. She started the workout with a series of jump squats and recommended doing 20 repetitions of the exercise for five sets. In the next video, she tackled a set of Bulgarian split squats. For this exercise, Michelle brought out a chair and place it behind her. She rested her left foot on it and then bent her front knee until her thigh was parallel to the floor. She advised doing 13 reps per leg for four sets.

Next, Michelle got onto the ground for a series of hip thrusts. She lay flat on her back with her arms stretched out to the side and extended both legs onto the chair in front of her. Then she raised her hips and lowered them to complete one rep. Michelle instructed fans to squeeze their glutes at the top of the exercise and to avoid letting them touch the floor when lowering the body. She suggested doing five set of 15 repetitions for this exercise.

Jumping lunges came next and Michelle turned her body in a clockwise direction with each of the repetitions. She encouraged viewers to jump as high as they could during the exercise and to let the front foot take most of the body weight, allowing the back leg to act as a stabilizer.

"Use all the energy you have and push with your heel to perform a jump," she said before warning viewers against allowing the back knee to touch the ground during the exercise. She also recommended doing four sets of 16 reps.

In the final workout video in the series, Michelle tackled a series of crab walks. The required her to lean her torso forward and extend her arms in front of her chest. She then took lateral steps outward maintaining her crouched position as she did so. She suggested doing 16 steps for four sets.

The post was liked close to 30,000 times in the first hour after it was posted and more than 300 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans thanked Michelle for the workout demonstration. While many of the comments were in Michelle's native language, Spanish, her English-speaking fans chimed in as well.

"Thank you so much!! Would love to see more of these awesome at-home workouts," one person wrote.

Others used the post as an opportunity to compliment Michelle's attractiveness.

"So amazingly beautiful," a second fan added before including a fire emoji in their comment.