Apple Gives Gold Watch To Beyoncé: Sorry Taylor Swift And Rihanna

Out of all pop stars, Apple decided to give a gold watch to Beyoncé before the actual release of the watch. According to the Verge, Beyoncé was caught wearing the Apple Watch with a gold band at the Coachella music festival this past weekend.

“Nowhere on Apple’s website will you find a solid gold link bracelet for the Apple Watch. But in a set of photos posted to her website, Beyoncé just proved it exists. And she’s not the first person to do so. On two occasions now, high-profile early owners of Cupertino’s first smartwatch have been photographed wearing a gold band that’s probably worth more than any single possession you own.”

It’s quite interesting that Beyoncé was given the much-heralded gold watch to wear, given that Apple is a rival to Jay-Z’s new streaming service, Tidal, which Beyoncé is a part of. The CEO has already left Tidal, even though the service was launched only a couple weeks ago. Rolling Stone explains Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Tidal’s PR disaster.

“Less than a month into Jay Z’s Tidal reign, the rapper is already effecting major changes. The streaming service has parted ways with Andy Chen, the CEO of Tidal’s parent company Aspiro that Jay Z purchased for $56 million. Former Aspiro CEO Peter Tonstad will replace Chen on an interim basis. Business Insider reports that the Chen departure was the most notable of about 25 employee layoffs Tidal made Friday.”

Perhaps Apple knows that Tidal isn’t enough of a threat and doesn’t care if Beyoncé wears their watch, which officially goes on sale this Friday. Apple is doing incredibly well in terms of pre-orders for the device. However, the Apple Watch has also received mixed reviews. CNET, who usually gives anything by Apple at least four-and-a-half stars, only gave the Apple Watch three-and-a-half stars.

“The watch is beautiful and promising — the most ambitious wearable that exists. But in an attempt to do everything in the first generation, the Apple Watch still leaves plenty to be desired. Short battery life compared with other watches and higher prices are the biggest flags for now. But Apple is just setting sail, and it has a long journey ahead.”

There are some people who just think that the smartwatch industry is a fad — a bad one. However, Apple, more than any other company, can give a healthy shot to the smartwatch industry. Are you going to buy the Apple Watch? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]