‘Divergent’ Actor Theo James Joins ‘War on Everyone’

Actor Theo James, most famous for the two instalments in the Divergent franchise, has joined the cast in the John Michael McDonagh-helmed War on Everyone, according to reports. War on Everyone is John Michael McDonagh’s third film, the follow up to 2014’s Calvary and 2011’s The Guard, and also stars Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgård playing two corrupt New Mexico cops who attempt to blackmail criminals, only to find themselves dealing with an individual more dangerous than they are. So far, it is unclear as to what role Theo James will be taking in the film.

Given that both of McDonagh’s films were a mixture of serious and comedic, it likely that War on Everyone will likely be the same. As of yet, however, there has been no information on how War on Everyone will compare tonally with the balance of the comedic and the melancholy in his previous work. It’s billed as a black action-comedy that sees Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgård’s bent cops looking to blackmail and generally stitch up all the felons they cross paths with. Unluckily for them, they run up against someone who’s even more dangerous and unscrupulous than they are.

James has been widely praised for his work in the critically acclaimed Divergent films, the both of which he had a starring role in. McDonagh has also said that he is delighted to have James on board.

“It gives me great pleasure to declare War on Everyone with my fellow combatants, Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgård. We look forward to the battles ahead, and we will go on with a spirit that fears nothing. That’s Homer, by the way.”

Bankside Films, which is based in England, is handling international sales and has already secured U.K. rights for Icon Films, Australia/New Zealand for Icon Film Distribution and Latin America, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Benelux, Spain and Portugal for Sony Pictures Worldwide. No U.S. distributor has been announced yet. As of yet, there has been no information given as to when the film itself will be released, although principal photography will more than likely finish up within the next several weeks. It is expected that the film will be released sometime in the summer of next year.

The film is being produced by Chris Clark and Flora Fernande-Marengo — who worked on both of McDonagh’s previous films — for Reprisal Films, in conjunction with Phil Hunt and Compton Ross for Head Gear Films with the support of the BFI Film Fund.