‘The Originals’ Spoilers: Josh Is ‘Wrecked’ And The Truth Will Come Out About The Latest Death

Just because it’s easy to see a death coming doesn’t mean it’s any less heartbreaking. The latest Originals season 2 episode saw Dahlia make more moves in her attempt to pit the Mikaelson siblings against one another to get what she wants: Hope.

There was already trouble in the Mikaelson family when this Originals episode began, with not everyone so thrilled about Klaus killing Mikael to get his ashes, and Freya even gave Rebekah an ultimatum: choose between her siblings. Elijah played mediator, and Freya agreed to work together as long as Klaus wasn’t their undoing. That tentative truce didn’t last long.

Aiden and Josh shared a very sweet moment that also essentially signed the former’s death certificate, as Aiden told the vampire that he loved him, wanted to run away with him, and he was his pack. Josh agreed, returned the “I love you” sentiment and happily got ready to leave town. However, just as Davina was telling Josh that it would be too depressing if one of them didn’t get a happy ending, they found Aiden’s body, killed by Dahlia in such a way to make everyone assume Klaus did it for telling Jackson he had been spying on him. (Aiden’s heart was on the ground next to his body, but that didn’t stop Josh from trying to give him his blood, making it even more heartbreaking.)

Klaus, for his part, didn’t deny killing Aiden when everyone turned on him, though he did tell Cami the truth. To buy Hayley and Jackson time to get from the safe house to the bayou with Hope, Elijah went after Klaus and daggered him. So what comes next in The Originals season 2?

First things first, according to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Michael Narducci has described Josh as “wrecked” following Aiden’s death, but he knows that he has no chance if he tries to go after the one he thinks is responsible, Klaus.

“[His sentiment is], ‘The reality is, no matter how much I’m angry, no matter how much of a vendetta I want to carry out against Klaus Mikaelson, I’m just a couple-year-old vampire and that’s Klaus Mikaelson.’ I think the first thing he needs to do is to wrap his head around how he’s going to recover from this grief.”

As for the truth about what really happened to Aiden, TVGuide.com has reported that Narducci has said that the truth Klaus told Cami “starts to get out,” meaning everyone has to “react to the question of who could’ve done that and why.”

How long will it take for everyone to put the pieces together that Dahlia killed Aiden and they’re all doing exactly what she wanted them to do?

As for what’s coming up in the next Originals episode, the CW’s promo for “City Beneath the Sea” shows that Hope is not going to be safe at the bayou – and one of the Mikaelsons suggests using Hope as bait for Dahlia.

The Originals season 2 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]