Kim Richards Refuses Rehab, But Pal Says Reality TV Star May Be Forced To Go By Court Order

Kim Richards may be refusing to voluntarily enter rehab, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star may not have a choice. According to a friend of the family, the reality TV star may be forced to go to rehab under court order.

In an interview with PEOPLE on Monday, the family friend says as of right now, Kim Richards is refusing treatment, even though those who are concerned about her are encouraging her to get help.

“As of now, she is saying no to rehab. People are trying to get her to go. A lot of people are worried about her.”

Although Kim allegedly wants a sober living companion as an alternative to rehab, as reported by Radar Online, the friend says it may not be up to Richards as to whether she will return to a treatment facility.

“She could be forced to go under court order. I have a feeling that she might wind up checking herself in. People who care for her hope she checks in.”

On the night of her arrest, Kim was distraught over having binge watched the three-part RHOBH reunion. This, on top of the stress of taking care of her terminally ill ex-husband, the friend says is a big part of why the reality TV was drinking that night.

Kim Richards’ struggle with alcoholism has been chronicled on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the very first season. The reality star spent time in rehab in 2011, and while she insisted throughout the entire fifth season of RHOBH, including at the reunion show, that she was sober and had not suffered a relapse, her sobriety during filming is now being called into question. Sources close to production are divided when it comes to whether she was drinking while the cameras were rolling. The Inquisitr reported Monday, some of the cast and crew believe Kim was drinking the entire time, but tried to hide it. Other sources believed at the time she was doing better with her addiction than she had in years.

The source tells People that after Kim Richards’ arrest, the reality star did not want to talk about the incident because she was so embarrassed, but is now willing to discuss it. As the Inquisitr reported on Tuesday, in an interview set to air on April 28, Kim will open up to Dr. Phil about her arrest last Thursday for public intoxication, among other charges, and her struggles with addiction.

[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]