Ex-WWE Star Bill Goldberg No Longer Interested In Kickboxing Bout With Glory

Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg has mentioned in the past that he was interested in doing a kickboxing bout with the Glory promotion, but according to the Wrestling Observer, Goldberg is no longer interested in the bout, as Glory wanted him to be ready to compete by May 8. Goldberg felt that if he took the deal, he wouldn’t be allotted enough time to get into fighting shape.

Goldberg is a well-known super-fan of combat sports and has been interested in competing for quite some time. However, he’s never been able to reach a deal with any promotion. Goldberg has had big-money offers on the table in the past, but he turned them down for the same reason he turned down the Glory deal. Goldberg is 48-years-old, and at this point in his life, he’ll need several months to get into fighting shape.

There have been rumors over the years of Goldberg making a return to the wrestling ring, as he wants his son to see him wrestle live one time. WWE has reached out to Goldberg in the past about coming back and wrestling one more time, but according to Goldberg, the deal was never right. Goldberg spent just one year in WWE — 2003 to 2004 — and didn’t leave the company under the best circumstances, as his last match with the company bombed horribly because he and Brock Lesnar — who was also leaving WWE immediately following the match — had already mentally checked out and just wanted to go home.

It’s well-known that Goldberg made a lot of money during his short pro wrestling career, so he’s definitely not hurting for cash. He’s also landed plenty of acting and TV gigs during his time away from pro wrestling, which has allowed him to not need WWE as much as most other ex-pro wrestlers.

Just because Goldberg isn’t interested in fighting for Glory next month doesn’t mean the deal is completely off of the table, as Glory could come up with a better deal for him in the future if they want him bad enough. Nobody knows exactly who the former WWE and WCW Champion would face in what would probably be his one and only kickboxing bout, but there’s no question that he would be a huge draw.

It’s also possible that Goldberg could make his return to WWE within the next year, as WWE is looking to acquire as many big names as possible. They’re looking to make next year’s WrestleMania in Dallas, Texas, the biggest WWE show of all-time, and Goldberg would definitely add a lot of interest to the show.

[Image via Fernando Leon / Getty Images]