Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Face-Off With Carly’s Adoptive Parents On ‘Teen Mom OG’

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have a sit-down meeting with their daughter, Carly’s, adoptive parents on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG. After weeks of being at odds over what Lowell and Baltierra are allowed to share about Carly on social media, a face-off between the two couples ensues.

“So, would it be different if the cameras weren’t involved. Let’s just say we did have a normal Facebook, would posting pictures, would that be different?” Baltierra pondered in the April 19 Us Weekly sneak peek.

“We don’t really want anyone posting pictures of our children,” Theresa Davis responded.

At that point, Catelynn Lowell’s fiancé points out the fact that Theresa and her husband, Brandon Davis, appeared on Dr. Drew, and have also posed for the cover of a magazine, which took cameras inside their home, where Carly lives. However, according to Theresa, that is a different situation entirely, and she was only trying to help others by offering her unique take on adoption.

“We have a platform to speak on adoption from an adoptive parent perspective that nobody else has.”

As Catelynn Lowell stayed silent, Baltierra agreed that spreading the word on adoption is certainly a good thing, but he was hoping the Davis family could be understanding about where they were coming from, having chosen an open adoption for their child.

“The interesting and hard thing that comes into this relationship that we have is that the baby biologically is yours, but in every other way, she is our child and you have to trust our decisions.”

At that point, Baltierra gets very blunt, claiming he acts out because he wants an explanation for those decisions, and doesn’t always get one. According to Catelynn Lowell’s fiancé, their failure to communicate and explain themselves makes him “bitter,” and want to act out by sharing details about Carly online.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Catelynn Lowell spoke of her strained relationship with the Davis family during a taping of the Teen Mom OG: After Show last week.

During filming, Catelynn Lowell revealed the following via Radar Online and OK! Magazine.

“We’re trying to be open and honest with each other, but adoption is a work in progress all the time. It’s going to be smooth for a while, then you’re going to hit a bump and try to work through that, especially with Carly getting older.”

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