Female Kentucky Fans Continue To Post Pics Of Themselves Licking Devin Booker's Car

Devin Booker is preparing to finish his first and only year at the University of Kentucky, as he will be in the 2015 NBA Draft this summer. While he's doing that, female Kentucky fans are continuing to swoon over him and his car. They actually seem to like his car more, as they keep posting pictures of themselves licking it.

devin booker car licking

All this came about after an interview that Devin Booker had where he spoke about his short career at the University of Kentucky, declaring for the NBA Draft, and his future. He also spoke on something weird that has been happening lately.

"Um, someone told me 'they did something to your car out there, I'm not gonna tell you,' so i said 'What was it?' and they said 'a girl licked your car.' "
Considering he said that in a public interview, he opened the door for a lot of people. Well, he didn't so much open the door but gave them some kind of reason to begin licking his car door, or hood, or anything on it, per Bleacher Report.

Now, they're posting it all on social media, and it's not stopping. Some even just Photoshop themselves into pics instead of actually finding the car and licking it.

Female Kentucky fans are doing whatever they can to find Devin Booker's car and photograph themselves licking it. There's no real telling what is on the outside of his car, but apparently, they don't seem to care.

So far, it doesn't look like it has made the same kind of splash with male Kentucky fans. For that matter, not all female fans are into the Devin Booker car licking, either.

Good Samaritans are even trying to send out warnings to Devin Booker so that he doesn't walk up upon something strange happening.

devin booker car licking warning

Devin Booker really needs to focus on finishing his year at the University of Kentucky and preparing for the NBA Draft this summer. There is surely a lot of pressure on his shoulders right now, and the last thing he needs is to worry about who is licking his car, but that's what is happening.

[Image via Twitter]