Flat Stomach Four Days After Having Eight-Pound Baby: Sarah Stage Shares New Instagram Six-Pack Abs Selfie [Photos]

Fitness model Sarah Stage has amazed the world once again by posting a selfie on Instagram that shows just how quickly her toned abs snapped back into place after giving birth to her baby. In fact, it was only four days after having little James Hunter — or rather, slightly huge Hunter, who weighed in at eight pounds and seven ounces when he joined the world last week, reported on her Instagram page.

“4 days post baby. Total pregnancy weight gain was 28 pounds. I’m excited to resume my workouts in 5 weeks!! #JamesHunter#HealthyBaby#GrannyPanties”

All throughout her pregnancy, Sarah posted selfies that have amazed folks who could barely believe how slim the underwear model looked, even whilst nine months pregnant. Stage had come under fire from folks who didn’t understand the nature of her athletic figure – and even criticized her, claiming she was starving her baby and saying she shouldn’t continue her workout regimen during her pregnancy.

However, with a photo of her healthy-looking baby and this latest offering from Sarah revealing her flat stomach only four days after delivering little James, as reported by Us Magazine, the fitness model is letting her photos do most of the talking and the 30-year-old beauty is gaining even more legions of fans in the process.

As reported by the Inquisitr, strength-training regimens that involve lifting weights have helped celebrities like Rick Ross tone up and lose lots of weight. Now that stars like Sarah are proving six pack abs can be maintained almost throughout an entire pregnancy and still result in a healthy bundle of big baby boy joy, expect others to follow her tips for losing their baby bumps only days after giving birth.

Many women tend to seek tips about gaining their pre-baby figures back (or ever better ones) after giving birth.

[Image via Instagram]