‘Halo 5’ Spartan Locke Shows Skills In New Trailer, Pre-Order Bonus Circus Begins

Spartan Locke continues to play a major factor in the marketing of Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One. A new trailer was released Monday meant to showcase the character’s skills to pump up the coming confrontation with Master Chief. However, this trailer comes from GameStop in what is surely the first in a line of retailer exclusive pre-order bonuses.

GameStop’s YouTube channel is hosting both a 30-second and 60-second versions of the Spartan Locke trailer. There’s no Halo 5 gameplay footage. What you get instead is pre-rendered footage of “UNSC’s elite manhunter” ripping “through Covenant opposition while in pursuit of the legendary Master Chief.”

The action looks like it takes place on the Elite homeworld of Sanghelios. Halo fans have speculated that the planet could be one of the locations since trailers for Halo: The Master Chief Collection showed Locke speaking with the Arbiter.

The extended Halo universe currently has the Elite embroiled in a civil war with the Arbiter on one side looking to break away from the traditions of the Covenant while the opposing side wishes to continue them. Then there’s the splinter Covenant faction led by Jul M’dama. It’s unclear which faction that Locke is doing battle with here, but it likely doesn’t matter. It’s just meant to show what a bada** Spartan he is.

Naturally, this trailer also signals the start of pre-order campaigns for Halo 5. Those that pre-order Halo 5 from GameStop will gain access to Spartan Locke’s HUNTER-class armor for use in multiplayer.

Halo 5 Spartan Locke Bonus Armor (Xbox One)

HUNTER-Class Armor: Sophisticated and lethal, HUNTER-class armor incorporates Watershed Division’s latest warfighting technology.

HUNTER-Class Helmet: Though still considered a prototype implementation, the HUNTER’s sensor suite enhances situational and threat awareness.

Pre-order exclusives for other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy are surely in the works as Halo 4 had several different armors available via different outlets. These were later unlocked for everyone.

There’s no rush on laying down your pre-order for Halo 5 though. The game won’t hit the Xbox One until October 27. That gives fans plenty of time to make an assessment on which pre-order offer is worth it for the in-game bonuses, if any, and get a feel for the actual gameplay itself.

Right now, 343 Industries is building up the hype for Halo 5 through the #HUNTtheTRUTH viral marketing campaign. It features weekly investigative audio journal from fictional investigative journalist Benjamin Giraud. The series Is currently on episode four, but will run all the way up to the launch of E3 starting June 16. That’s when we’ll see the Xbox One exclusive shooter in action outside of the multiplayer beta from this past December.

[Images via GameStop]