WWE News: WWE Promising Huge Announcement On ‘WWE Raw’ From Triple H Tonight?

WWE is in the midst of changing the guard. They have the potential to do something that will shake up WWE programming for the foreseeable future. The last time the WWE had a major announcement to make, it wasn’t so major. That’s why the WWE cannot under-sell this announcement Triple H will make tonight on WWE Raw.

Last week, the WWE teased the announcement its involvement with the revival of Tough Enough. There are a few possibilities that can ensue after the tease. Triple H might announce the new host of the show. Since Stone Cold Steve Austin is too busy to commit to Tough Enough, the WWE will have to find someone else.

In most fan’s opinion, it will be very hard to find somebody as charismatic and knowledgeable as Austin. There were rumors about Chris Jericho replacing Austin, but those are not confirmed and it’s very unlikely as Jericho is a very busy man himself. That begs the question, what will the announcement be tonight? According to What Culture, the WWE is promising a major announcement from Triple H.

“WWE are promoting Raw’s big selling point this evening as a special announcement from Triple H. This will mark Triple H’s return to television and he will be announcing details of WWE’s new Tough Enough show.”

The key portion from the article is that WWE’s “big selling point” is the special announcement from Triple H. Likely, it won’t involve Daniel Bryan and because everything surrounding Bryan is bad news, they usually wouldn’t promote something like that. Like when Edge retired, nobody knew anything until that night when WWE Raw hit the airwaves.

If it is going to be the new Tough Enough host, who will it be? Here are some likely candidates: Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Ricky Steamboat, Goldust, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Triple H. Each man could carry the program. Out of all those names, Jericho is the most-likely to host the show.

In the past few months, his band, Fozzy, hasn’t toured. Could that be on purpose? Of course, the entire WWE Universe will speculate until the answer is finally given to them. If the WWE fans want entertainment, they will hope for Jericho as the host. Foley would also be a great host of Tough Enough, but Jericho could actually get in the ring with the competitors. Foley’s health is just not good enough.

Tonight on WWE Raw will hopefully give the WWE Universe the answers they’ve been wanting for weeks. For all they know, Triple H’s announcement will be the debut of Finn Balor. However, they will have to watch to find out.

[Image via wwe.com]