Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: ‘Awake, No Longer On Life Support,’ Say Bobby Brown And Aunt, But Not All Agree [Video]

Since January 31, when Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in the home that she shared with her boyfriend Nick Gordon, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been on life support. Because of brain swelling from lack of oxygen, the 22-year-old also has been kept primarily in a medically induced coma. But now Tina Brown, who is Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt and Bobby’s sister, has announced that her niece is out of that coma and off life support, reported E News. In addition, Bobby Brown has described his daughter as “awake.”

Using Facebook to share the news, Tina asked for the continuation of prayers.

“So many messages,sorry can’t answer them all right now but I will get to them later..just allow me this time with my family,,yes,she woke up and is no longer on life support!!!!!:):)God is good!!thanks for your prayers,,still a process,but she is going to be ok:):):):).”

But while Bobby Brown’s sister provided the detail, it was the 46-year-old singer who broke his silence during a Texas concert.

“I could say today, Bobbi is awake,” announced Brown to the cheering audience. “She’s watching me.”

However, a source named Keliah Fell posted on Facebook that the family remains concerned about Bobbi Kristina’s future.

“Please don’t stop praying for Bobbi Kris even though she is off life support and she has woke up. We are decreeing life in her body and healing and we want to pray that god restore her body and everywhere that she hurts and we want god to mend her broken heart and make her whole all over again.”

In response to additional questions, Fell then added an affirmation that Bobbi Kristina is out of the coma.

“Yes she is awake and out the [of] coma but we are still praying for speedy recovery.”

Bobby Brown‘s lawyer then spoke out to clarify his client’s statements, reported Page Six.

“Doctors have indicated that she will have a long life,” said attorney Christopher Brown. “However, Bobbi Kristina is presently embarking on a rehabilitation process and the quality of her life will not be known for years to come.”

But a source said that Whitney Houston’s family disagreed with those claims that she is awake, reported TMZ.

“She’s in the exact same condition she was in when she went into the facility,” said an insider about Bobbi Kristina’s condition when she was moved to long-term care.

They also said that she has shown “minimal” reactions, such as blinking an eye, and that she remains dependent on a ventilator.

As the Inquisitr reported, Bobby Brown first broke his silence about Bobbi Kristina during the Los Angeles Soul Festival, when he left his daughter’s bedside for the first time.

“I dunno what the hell I am going through right now, but I am giving it to God and letting him deal with it,” said an emotional Brown.

Joined by his pregnant wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown, Bobby appeared close to tears as he expressed his gratitude for the support that his family has received for Bobbi Kristina.

But what would recovery mean for the 22-year-old? In February, Dr. Julian Bragg, a neurologist at Midtown Neurology in Atlanta, cautioned that it would be a long road to healing after so much time in a coma and on life support, reported Entertainment Tonight.

“People aren’t able to predict what’s going to happen. The big decision is often between what kind of life the person’s going to have and how long they’re going to have it. While very heroic measures can be taken to keep a body alive, often it’s difficult to decide if that life is going to be the type that that person would want to live.”

And in the event that Bobbi Kristina did wake up, as she reportedly has, Dr. Bragg advised reducing the expectations of a complete and rapid recovery, as has Dr. Drew on his show (shown below).

“After spending more than two weeks in a medically induced coma, or for any cause, the body goes through a number of changes,” he explained.

“There is a significant decrease in muscle strength both in terms of moving the limbs and in terms of breathing. Often people require extensive strengthening not only in being able to sit, stand and move around, but even simpler things like swallowing and breathing.”

At this point, Bobbi Kristina is in a long-term care facility, where she was transferred after weeks in a hospital ICU, as the Inquisitr reported. The family brought objects from home to make her room more comforting, such as pictures and a blanket.

“Everyone’s all cried out by now. We love her and want her to recover,” said a source simply.

But what is yet to be revealed is whether Bobbi Kristina’s “awake” state can progress to a full and meaningful life.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]