Tron 3: Olivia Wilde Discusses The Future Of The Third Tron Installment, And Her Involvement

Tron 3, Tron Ascension, whatever the official title will be, it is certain that 2015 has been an explosion of news for the third installment of the Tron franchise, at least the first half has been. Tron fans had pretty much given up hope in the nearly 30 years it took to finally bring Tron Legacy to the big screen. So, fans were naturally skeptical when five years past with little information.

However, the Inquisitr reported in March that reports indicated filming was starting the fall of 2015, then earlier this month Olivia Wilde was confirmed to be among the announced cast members for Tron 3. Now, according to Comicbook, Olivia has personally confirmed this announcement and sat down to discuss the future of the Tron franchise.

Olivia Wilde was naturally asked questions at the Tribeca film festival, while she was attending the film premiere of Meadowland. He stated that she already has read at least one script and is very excited to reprise her role as the “isomorphic algorithm” Quorra.

“… I’m really excited to see what happens to that character when put into the real world. I think it’s an interesting concept. I’m fascinated by all discussions of AI, and especially now today and now with virtual reality becoming something that’s like a personal device, I think it’s the time to tell this story.”

According to Collider, Wilde has stated that her and others have been “dreaming of making” Tron 3 since Tron Legacy came out. She also confirmed the likelihood of a Fall/October start for filming for the third Tron film. Olivia Wilde stated that the main hold up for another film has been the script.

“The delay has only ever been story, finding the right story. It hasn’t been anything else. There’s never been a time where we wanted to go and then schedules got in the way. It’s only been like, ‘That’s not the right story.’ So, in the past year, the right story kind of came together and we felt, ‘Oh, this actually – this might be the right one to tell.’ And, you know, there’s still a lot to be done before it could actually happen, but the fact that there’s a goal of this year to start is really exciting.”

Of course, critics who have skewered Tron Legacy for its beautiful visual, but lack of a real story would agree. Tron fans can only hope that Olivia Wilde’s enthusiasm is shared with Disney pictures, as they have yet to come out and “officially confirm” anything.

[Image Via Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore]