‘Eye Candy’ Canceled, Fans Demand Season 2 In Petition To MTV

With Eye Candy canceled by MTV, fans are already putting together a petition to demand that Eye Candy Season 2 be released.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the list of canceled TV shows in 2015 have been released, and some fans may be worried that Bones could get the axe.

Eye Candy is based on the novel by R. L. Stine and focuses on a brilliant 21-year-old hacker named Lindy Sampson from the Chicago suburbs. The plot eventually focuses on a serial killer who is murdering younger people in New York City, and the hacker must work with the NYPD in order to solve the murders while also trying to find her missing sister.

Before MTV had Eye Candy canceled, Lindy manages to catch up with the serial killer in a showdown that made her choose what was most important to her. Unfortunately, we may never find out due to the cancellation, and some fans believe Eye Candy Season 2 deserves a chance.

“I think Eye Candy should be renewed because a lot of question were left unanswered. Also her fate with Tommy is still uncertain and I would like for those characters to get together. I think this is a great and suspenseful television show and I think it deserves a renewal with at least 12 episodes because it feels the the season was rushed and also a better time schedule because it premiered up against sports and March Madness.”

An Eye Candy petition is gathering signatures to send to MTV, and they give this reason for making Season 2 in their letter.

“Eye Candy has easily become one of the best drama/thriller tv shows to be released for our generation. It’s got thrills, spills and chills that keeps the audience wanting more. Not to mention an amazing cast featuring (Victoria Justice, Ryan Cooper, Casey Deidric, Harvey Guillen, Kiersey Clemons and John Garet Stoker). Written by the one and only R.L Stine author of the popular series ‘Goosebumps’. What’s not to love!”

Unfortunately, with Eye Candy canceled, the Eye Candy Army is really going to have to motivate people to sign more petitions. The Change.org petition reached its goal of 15,000 signatures, but now they want to see a new goal of 25,000. They are planning on holding off on contacting the network until they have even more signatures.

What would you like to see in Eye Candy Season 2, assuming MTV brings the show back from the dead?