The Walking Dead Season 6: Rumors and Theories [Video]

While there is still a substantial wait until the Season 6 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, it is never too early to start preparing for what may go down. Following is the current list of rumors and suspected storyline theories for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, but please be aware there are spoilers aplenty from both the TV and comics series.

  • Glenn will die. This is a theory that has carried on over from Season 5 of The Walking Dead when the rumor mill went into overdrive when The Spoiling Dead predicted Glenn was about to die, especially after actor Alanna Materson tweeted “When someone great is gone” during Season 5 filming. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Robert Kirkman has suggested there will be “a lot of cool stuff” involving Glenn in Season 6 and the actor who plays him, Steven Yeun, has also suggested his character is not infallible. However, the general consensus among Walking Dead fans is that if Maggie falls pregnant, Glenn will die.
  • Season 6 will be Rick and Morgan’s story. Robert Kirkman has come right out and said this to fans at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters Show.

“Having Rick and Morgan together, finally, again is a huge deal, and it’s definitely going to be a big part of Season 6… Now it’s a very different Rick and a very different Morgan who are going to have a completely different relationship and it’s the questions of how they’re going to interact, how they’re going to work together — if they’re going to work together — and what comes from those interactions is going to be basically the spine of season six.”

  • There will be a change of leadership in Alexandria. Torvah Feldshur recently spoke about the survival of her character, Deanna. With Deanna being the leader of the new safe haven Rick’s gang has found themselves living in, her character will undoubtedly play an important role in Season 6. Interviews with Torvah suggest there could be a shake up in the leadership roles in Alexandria after Rick killed Pete in the Season 5 finale.

“What does that mean [for] her relationship with Rick and the band of people she’s taken in from the outside? What does it mean for next season? Do I promote Rick from constable to general? Do we head into a conflict? Do I have regret? Do I backtrack? These are questions yet to be answered as we start filming in May.”

  • Deanna already knows about the Wolves. Comic book fans suspect Deanna has already had a run in with the Wolves group that was teased through the second half of Season 5 of The Walking Dead. With Deanna putting so many of Rick’s group into positions of power, there is a couple of assumptions that could be made: firstly, she wants people in power who have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the outside world, and, secondly, she needs these people because the community has been threatened.
  • A crossover character from Fear The Walking Dead will be revealed. The creators involved with both The Walking Dead and its spinoff series, Fear The Walking Dead, are hesitant about crossovers in the shows occurring. However, many people are predicting this will happen next season. The most impressive of these sources, Nerdist, even claim there will be six episode arc crossover characters appearing in Season 6.
  • Negan will finally appear. Comic book fans have been expecting Negan to rear his ugly head some time soon. Even though executive producer David Alpert has confirmed Negan will be introduced to the TV series, there is no official confirmation yet that he will appear in Season 6. However, Hollywood Life have suggested he is near after Daryl and Aaron had that run-in with walkers at the warehouse in the Season 5 finale. According to the comic books, Negan lives in a warehouse with many wives.

As for how long The Walking Dead TV series may run for, Robert Kirkman had this to say.

“Our longterm goal was to tell this unrealistically massive huge story, so by going season after season after season, we actually are maintaining the integrity of what we originally set out to do. So I think there’s a possibility to go for many, many years.”

Filming starts for Season 6 of The Walking Dead in May and will premiere in October, 2015. But until then, here’s what the actors and creators have to tease us about Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

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[Image Credit: AMC]