People Looking To Get ‘A Taste Of Austria’ Learn A Little About Internet Trolling [Video]

A spectacular video featuring a time-lapse of places across Austria went viral as people across the globe were awestruck by the beautifully mastered video. However, the conversation went from Austria’s beauty to frustration over kangaroos, as internet trolls descended upon the trending YouTube video.

The video, which was uploaded back in March, is trending again after internet trolls took the conversation from Austria to Australia, confusing some and sending others into full on internet rage. The video itself features some beautiful scenery from across Austria, which was created with fully mastered time-lapse images. However, a few comments about kangaroos later, people are no longer discussing all that Austria has to offer, but arguing about the exact location of the elusive country.

The conversations turned ugly when the “Reddit team” arrived to throw a cog in wheel and start referring to the beautiful country in the video as Australia instead of Austria. It all started with a few “innocent” comments, with trolls commenting that they “expected to see more kangaroos” in the video. This led to numerous responses noting that the person had Austria confused with Australia. The responses led to a trickle down effect of more and more trolls coming to the scene to discuss kangaroos and why there is snow in Australia.

Most of those responding didn’t realize the comments were meant to be humorous, so the comments proceeded to spiral downward, with many left confused and in fits of rage.

Have you ever been duped by an internet troll? What do you think of the actual video? Does it make you want to take a trip to Austria, or possibly Australia after all the kangaroo talk?