‘Batman V Superman’ Posters Released By Zack Snyder

Batman v Superman posters have been revealed by director Zack Snyder following the botched release of the much-anticipated trailer.

On Thursday, a leaked version of the Warner Bros. production hit the internet and fans went wild. Snyder had announced there would be a special screening in IMAX theaters on Monday, April 20, and the director shared about 20 seconds of footage with anxious followers.

But that wasn’t enough for those waiting to pirate a copy of the Batman v Superman trailer, and Warner Bros. was forced to release the entire clip ahead of the set date. Now, the studio is trying to make amends — or so it seems — and Snyder, who is known for being a fan type of guy, is sharing some new art to make up for the trailer fiasco.

On Sunday evening, very unexpectedly, the director released two Batman v Superman posters on Twitter. First he shared a poster of Superman, which we can consider official. The image shows Henry Cavill with a bat over his face. Check it out.

Seconds later, another image, this time showing Ben Affleck with the Superman logo in front of his face, was tweeted by Snyder.

This is the first Batman v Superman official posters shared by Snyder, who was the first to show photos of the new Batman on Twitter. To say that Snyder and other crew members — who use Twitter — sound disappointed by the trailer’s leak, is an understatement.

Warner Bros. clearly dropped the ball by not anticipating that hackers would be ready to leak sketchy copies of the trailer, and millions of fans suffered. We don’t know if Snyder was planning on releasing the Batman v Superman posters. However, people seem to be excited to see the new images.

Snyder shared the official copy of the trailer on Twitter on Friday afternoon to stop the bleeding, so to speak. One could feel the frustration in his words.

Now that the Batman v Superman trailer and posters are officially out, fans have a lot to talk about, and many are not thrilled about what they see in the video. The footage is dark — figuratively and literally — and depict a Superman who has fallen from grace and a Batman who is conflicted.

It is definitely cool to see more of what Batman looks like, since we haven’t really seen much of him. His armored suit is unlike anything fans of the Dark Knight have seen before, and of course, this is the first time in comic’s history that Batman and Superman face-off. Whatever your opinion of the Batman v Superman trailer, you have to admit at being at least curious to see the superhero’s first confrontation.

What do you think of the new Batman v Superman posters shared by Zack Snyder?

[Image via Warner Bros.]