WWE News: Big Backstage Update On Brock Lesnar’s Contract, Did Vince McMahon Give In To Bigger Deal?

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon worked very hard to get Brock Lesnar to re-sign with WWE once his deal was up over a month ago. Lesnar kept telling people that Vince offered him a deal that he simply could not pass up. We all know that Lesnar’s deal was a multi-year contract. However, what comes along with Brock’s deal that makes it so great?

According to Daily Wrestling News, Lesnar is set to make a lot more money than his last deal. While the contract is still the same yearly, the differences come about in terms of bonuses and merchandise. A source close to the situation claims that in Lesnar’s last contract, he had bonuses that would kick in when he sold a certain amount of merchandise.

WWE never really marketed Lesnar’s merchandise to give it a chance for him to make those bonuses.

This led to big issues between Brock and Vince McMahon. Lesnar felt that WWE was sabotaging his contract intentionally. This was part of what led to the falling out and major argument that led to Brock walking out on a WWE RAW show that we heard of a while back.

Lesnar’s new deal pays more and mostly guarantees that Lesnar gets the bonuses, this time as part of his deal instead. WWE made the bonuses part of the contract to offer him a higher salary. Cutting out the bonuses allows for him to make more money per year instead of having to achieve a goal to make a certain amount. This is far better than him having to sell a certain amount of merchandise to get paid more.

It was noted a while back that neither side were willing to budge on the deal offered. However, it appears that Vince gave in a bit in order for WWE and Lesnar to work out a good contract for both sides.

WWE could very well decide to push Lesnar’s merchandise. While they still have to pay his higher royalties, the bonuses mentioned before will not kick in as they are not included in this deal due to the higher salary he’s receiving per year that are replacing said bonuses.

Basically, WWE worked out the deal to give Brock Lesnar more guaranteed money. However, they can get that money back if they push Lesnar’s merchandise more. It is not a wonder now why WWE pretty much turned Lesnar babyface before he left on “suspension.” This will allow Brock to sell more merch upon his return and WWE could make money off of Brock that would end up helping them make a return on their investment in him.

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