Jill Duggar Dillard Discusses Her Trip To Chiropractor, Pedicure, And 2.5 Mile Walk After Water Broke

The most recent Duggar to give birth, Jill Dillard, recently spoke out about her difficult pregnancy and long labor before an emergency Cesarean section. Jill Dillard had been planning for a home birth, but things didn’t go as planned, and Jill ended up birthing baby Israel in the hospital after a C-section was needed. Jill discussed how she and husband Derick went for a pedicure together, to the chiropractor for an alignment, and on a 2.5 mile walk after her water broke in an attempt to speed up labor. Despite her best efforts, baby Israel would not make his entrance until 70 hours later.

Jill and Derick Dillard opened up to People Magazine after a long and difficult labor, which led to an emergency C-section. Jill says that her labor didn’t “go as planned,” but it was exactly as God had intended. Jill spoke about her actions after discovering her water had broke at 41 weeks and five days of pregnancy. Jill says instead of rushing around in preparation of the birth, she managed to go back to sleep for a little while and even made it to her morning chiropractor appointment. Jill says she “wanted to get aligned” before the birth so she squeezed in the appointment as she was still not in active labor.

After going to the chiropractor, Jill and Derick had a little time of relaxation together and went to get pedicures. Labor still hadn’t ramped up, so the couple went on a 2.5 mile walk together in a failed attempt to get labor moving. Jill notes that she didn’t want to alarm anyone so she didn’t tell anyone that her water broke and just waited for contractions to become consistent. Finally, with contractions became regular, Jill settled into her bed at home, where she had hoped to give birth. After 20 hours of labor and contractions clocking in at one minute apart, Jill made the tough decision to give up her home birth plans and go to the hospital.

Michelle notes that watching Jill go through such an intense labor made her “proud,” and despite the labor not going as Jill had hoped, everyone is healthy and happy and that Jill is loving life as a new parent.

“Jill was amazing. don’t normally use the word ‘proud,’ but as a parent watching her, I was proud, and she did an amazing job. She is a trouper, that girl. We are so grateful this little man arrived safe and healthy. She is a planner. She had a birth plan the size of a book. She made all kinds of plans, and ultimately God directed the path, and it was the birth it was meant to be. Jill and Derick are so in love you can hardly believe it, the love just oozes out, and they just enjoying being new parents.”

Once at the hospital, Jill was still unable to make progress and ended with a C-section after 70-hours of labor. For fans hoping to get a glimpse of the special moment on video, TLC will air Jill’s birth special on May 5 in honor of Mother’s Day.

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[Image Credit: Instagram]