4K TV Said To Be Thinner Than iPhone 6, Coming This Summer

A 4K TV that is super thin is going to be hitting the market this summer. This 4K TV in question is so thin, Sony claims it is actually thinner than the Apple iPhone 6. The company said it will be bringing three different models of this new super thin 4K TV with screens that measure either 55-inches, 65-inches or 75-inches.

Sony says these new versions of the 4K TV line are made to have screens that are virtually bezel-less, and run almost edge-to-edge. The really impressive thing about the way televisions have been going thin in recent years is that these 4K TVs still aren’t as thin as some other competitors but there’s something to be said for the way things are going. This is especially true when it comes to the thickness level we saw from Sony’s offerings just a few months ago.

As well as the announcement that Sony is rolling out these superthin 4K TVs, the company had previously let people know what they were planning on charging for some of their other 4K TVs. It appears that these new televisions are part of a kind of arms race with a number of other companies that are all looking to get in a kind of arms race in order to capture this particular market.

Vizio is one company that is upping the 4K TV arms race by making them all the more attractive price-wise. As PC World reported earlier last week, that company is reducing the price of its line to around $600. This means that there are plenty of plain old HD televisions that are costing about the same amount of money. Sony has chosen that the price of the sets are not as important as making them take up less space. Obviously, this particular market is one that hasn’t been sorted out and so we don’t yet know what is going to be the best approach.

Customers love thinner smartphones, but there isn’t really any proof they love televisions that are so thin they look like the could break in a strong breeze. Sony is hoping a television set that takes up as little space as possible is one that is going to end up in an awful lot of living rooms. Because this product is relatively new, there isn’t a way to tell what makes the most sense. A 4k TV that is thin and light is certainly not going to hurt.

[Image Courtesy Vizio]