The Kilo Cube Does Nothing Specific But Costs A Cool $199 

Just when you thought Kickstarter campaigns couldn’t get any stranger, we present the Kilo Cube, a 1.5-inch metal cube which does nothing other than sit on your desk looking cubey.

To find out what the appeal of the cube is, reporters caught up with its creator, 29-year-old Jaime Raijman, who explained that when people pick it up, they say, “Whoa! This is really heavy! What the heck is it?” Where can I get one of these?”

Even though the cube is about the size of a marshmallow, it weighs a relatively heavy 2.2 pounds, as it’s made of 95 percent pure tungsten, a rare metal known to be one of the densest in the world.

In speaking about his interest in metal and the creation of the cube, Raijman said, “I wanted something really heavy, but didn’t take up too much space.”

After designing the inanimate object, the creator placed it on his desk at work, explaining, “It became an ice breaker for people stopping my desk. Coworkers would stop by all the time. They’d pick it up and say, ‘Wow, that’s heavy!’”

The Kickstarter campaign for the product, which has already raised an amazing half-a-million dollars, caused a stir on social media sites such as Reddit.

One Redditor posted, “Like, I’m 5, please. Why would anyone want or need this?”

Nevertheless, according to Raijman, the Kilo Cube has a bunch of uses. For example, it can be used as a tool to teach students about density, and another backer wants to give one to his wife to signify their “solid marriage.”

As Raijman explained further, “It really doesn’t serve a specific purpose. Its purpose is whatever the person buying it wants to use it for.”

For his part, Raijman confirmed that the first batch of 1,500 Kilo Cubes will go on sale later in April. What remains to be seen is whether or not the cube will be the success that its creator and the Kickstarter backers hope it will be.

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