Jill Duggar Says She And Derick Dillard Needed Difficult Birth To Help Them Form Stronger Bond

Jill Duggar doesn’t regret going through 70 hours of labor. In fact, the 19 Kids and Counting star believes that she had to endure that physically painful, mentally exhausting ordeal, so that she and Derick Dillard could forge a stronger bond.

PEOPLE continues to push Jill Duggar pregnancy parables on the public, and the new mom’s latest moral lesson about motherhood seems to be this: You have to go through childbirth hell before you and your husband can experience true marital bliss.

“I love our birth story because it bonded us so well. It brought us through something amazing together,” Jill told PEOPLE.

“It was a journey that we needed to go through.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jill Duggar was determined to have her baby at home. She stubbornly stuck to her guns, even after learning that she needed an antibiotic drip because she had Strep B. She labored for 20 hours at home, but finally gave in and went to the hospital after discovering meconium. Meconium is the fecal excretion of a fetus, and it can be a sign of distress. Jill was still determined to deliver her baby vaginally, but she was forced to deliver Israel David Dillard via C-section after the infant moved into a transverse breech position. Israel was born two weeks late on April 6.

Jill Duggar’s labor was all fun and games before she discovered her infant’s first feces. She told PEOPLE that she was extremely active and calm right after her water broke on April 4. She managed to visit her chiropractor to “get aligned,” she and Derick enjoyed a couple’s pedicure, and they went on a two-mile walk.

Now that Jill is recovering at home, the mini-Michelle and her husband are already thinking about their next child. Jill is determined to deliver her second baby vaginally, and she claims that her doctor told her that she should be able to do so. Seemingly trying to reassure his disappointed wife, Derick Dillard told PEOPLE that “there’s no shame in not progressing, there’s no shame in getting a C-section.”

While Jill Duggar plans her next pregnancy, Derick Dillard is busy doing everything he can to let Israel know that he’s loved by his parents. The proud papa recently shared a letter that he penned to his son while Jill was still pregnant.

“I pray that you, Israel, whom I already love more than anybody, except mom of course, would turn to the Lord early in your life and glorify Him with all that is within you,” he wrote on the Dillard Family website.

“It is so neat to have felt you kicking, punching, and turning inside of mom for months now. Even if it doesn’t always feel the best for mom, I know the joy you bring makes it up for her… know that I love you son and I always will, no matter what. I will say it again… I love you Israel!”

Are you surprised that Jill Duggar is already looking forward to having her next child after everything that she went though, and are you worried that she feels like she has something to prove because she was forced to have a C-section this time around?

[Image credits: Derick Dillard/Instagram]