Apple iPad Killer, Microsoft Surface 3, Wins Early Raves

The Microsoft Surface 3 won’t arrive in stores until early May. However, Microsoft has shipped some review units and the new device has received excellent early reviews. Mashable believes the Surface 3 is an attractive lightweight computer.

“If all you’re looking for is an affordable touchscreen laptop for a student or office-worker who will do lots of work in Office, not go crazy with multitasking and will only open a few browser windows at a time, this might be a good choice. They’ll even get light gaming, HD video streaming (on Netflix and other services) and the ability to draw right on the screen using the $49 Surface Pen. At roughly $600, that’s still a bargain.”

Engadget believes the Surface 3 (unlike previous Surface devices) is finally a tablet that people will want.

“Once again, the third time’s the charm for Microsoft’s Surface lineup — for the most part. Last year’s Surface Pro 3 was the software giant’s most compelling implementation yet of its hybrid laptop/tablet concept. Now we have the Surface 3, the third entry in its cheaper Surface lineup. And while it may look similar to its predecessors, it’s actually a completely different beast.”

Fox News enjoys the fact that consumers can finally use regular Windows software on the new Surface 3.

“Here’s the best news. Now you can run everything in the Windows universe. That makes it radically different than the Surface 2. The older model ran Windows RT, a proprietary – for lack of a better word – operating system that essentially locked consumers out of the vast library of Windows software running on Intel chips. Microsoft solved that by moving away from the Nvidia processor found Surface 2, swapping in Intel on the Surface 3.”

The 64GB/2GB RAM version of the Surface 3 will run you $499, while the 128GB/4GB RAM version will cost $599. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the price for the Type Cover or digital pen. At that price, some people believe you are better off just investing in the Surface Pro 3, or even the Surface Pro 4.

There is conflicting information available for the Surface Pro 4. Some sources think it will be released within the next couple of months (the one-year anniversary of the Surface Pro 3 is in mid-June) and others think Microsoft will wait until the release of Windows 10 in October. Though Microsoft fell in the tech game last decade, the company is working to get right back on top. Are you going to buy the Surface 3? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Daryl Deino]

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