Lifecast brings simple, geolocated blogging to the iPhone

iPhone application Lifecast brings simple, geolocation and time tagged blogging to iPhone users.

The application from UK based Sleepydog allows users to record their day through text and pictures, then either immediately, or later upload those entries, complete with time stamp and geolocation data linked to Google Maps.

The key selling point is simplicity; this isn’t as fully featured as WordPress or TypePad on the mobile, but it’s dead simple to use. Start a new entry, enter your text and/ or take a photo, then upload. Lifecast does have one major drawback however that will limit its uptake for now: at the moment it only supports posting to Tumblr and Blogger, and picture uploading isn’t supported with Blogger yet.

You can see a photo I took at my desk on my Tumblr blog here for an example, complete with the geolocation tag in the post.

As a quick and easy blogging tool to supported services, it’s a great little application. You can grab Lifecast on iTunes here.